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There are 2 Factions (1 Still in Development) in Command Assault. Here is a little snapshot into the factions.

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ATLUS - Light and Maneuverable

Strengths: Versatile with lots of strategic options.

Weakness: Lack of heavy vehicles & air force

ATLUS was the first faction developed in the game and I personally view as the protagonists of the conflict.

Rising from the Ashes after the calamity, the people of Atlus stood together to establish a Utopian society, learning from past, while avoiding the pitfalls that collapsed society to begin with.

Gameplay: Despite the Lack of air force and heavy vehicles, Atlus has a large variety of units to choose from, many of which have additional support skills which can quickly turn the tides of battle. Most of the vehicles are in the Light or Medium Armor category, many of which specialize in hit and run, and other gorilla tactics.

Special: Atlus starts with an additional Vehicle, the mobile base which can freely relocate to any point in the map. It repairs nearby units, Produce Infantry and Light and Medium Vehicles as well. You can establish a secondary base of operations, or move close to resources for faster collection.
Smoke Grenades - Deploy a covering veil of smoke to hide the units from view. Enemy is forced to come closer in order to see their targets.
Airlift - Stalker's can be airlifted by calling a dedicated transport copter While in transport you can traverse normally blocked terrain, and attack from positions normally left un-guarded.
EMP Blast - Recon's can detonate an EMP mine completely disabling units in the blast radius.

Harvesting: Harvesting done via Infantry and Transport Copters. Copters can travel great distances and avoid obstacles. Like the HQ, the Mobile Base acts a a mobile resource drop point.

VISOR - Brute Force

Strengths: High Offensive and Defensive Stats
Weakness: Lack of Long Range Support, Limited Special Abilities

Where there is Light there must be darkness nearby. VISOR actually started as part of ATLUS, however due to years of Political disagreement led to a military uprising. While VISOR failed to overtake all of ATLUS they did succeeded in spiting the Nation into two. The two bitter enemies still fight over territory to this day.

Gameplay: Gameplay is pretty simple with Visor, not a lot of special abilities. Just a lot of units that shoot. :) Visor is very focused on close range combat units, particularity tanks. While this makes them easy to overwhelm their opponent, the over reliance with close range units can easily create choke points, or overcrowding. Pay close attention to your surroundings.

Special: GPS Scanning (WIP Coming soon) - Pay credits to reveal the map for a limited time.

Harvesting. Aside from infantry, Visor use Gatherers. Unlike Atlus Transport Copters Gatherers are large, slow, Land-locked units, however their advantage is that they can process resources directly, meaning they can gather indefinitely without ever returning to base. Other units can drop resources here as well.

UNION - Air Supremacy (WIP Coming soon)

Strengths: Large and versatile air force
Weakness: Limited number ground units

If ATLUS and VISOR represent the new post-calamity world then UNION represent the old pre-calamity world. UNION was the most dominant Political, Geographic, and Economic power in the world. Powerful enough to survive as a culture, though their influence has decreased dramatically. However in the years after the event, UNION strives to restore the old world, at all costs.

Gameplay: UNION is focused primarily on Air Units. Large Variety of Air units mean a large mobile force, un obscured by terrain. However since air units tend to be light armor, their primary tactic tends to be more of a hit and run nature. Use aircraft to assault an area, then using ground forces to secure that area, while aircraft return to re-supply.

Special: Repair Blimp (WIP Coming soon) Repairs air units a a much higher rate than the HQ. Build and position strategically to allow for quick turn around time for air units.

Harvesting: Infantry and Supply trucks. Moderately fast ground units collect resources and returns them to a drop point. Their primary advantage is there very low cost which allows for many to be built quickly. For long distance harvesting a cheap makeshift Warehouse (WIP Coming soon) can be built to create a new drop off point.

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