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This is the BIG update for CheatPack with version V2.0. The mod has been redesigned from the ground up, to allow for more commands and a better user experience. The mod gains greater flexiblity though the new Target Selector mechanic. Now almost any effect can be applied to yourself, induvidual or groups of nations!

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Update on whats happening with future releases of the mod:

Due to IRL circumstances Cheat Pack has been offically discontinued. I dont belive I will be able to support major or bugfix updates. Therefore Cheat Pack is offered as is. I am sorry for the delay for this announcement but I can not sustain this any more.

This is the current temporary changelog. Bugfix & Minor content updates can be expect over the next couple of weeks!

More information can be found in the Victoria 2 Modding Discord Server bellow, I am active here if you have any questions about the mod:

CheatPack/Victoria 2 Modding Link:

Update 2.01 fixes some localization & independence command not working correctly.

CheatPack V2.01

Possible Target Selections:

Great Powers
Secondary Powers
Minor Nations
Uncivilized Nations
Self/TAG (For console tag swiching)


With only a couple of exceptions the following effects can be applied to any combination of the above targets.

If you make no selection all effects will apply to yourself.

All events also have the option of doing nothing.

Most effects have sub-options, listed bellow;

Possible Target Effects:






War Exhaustion:




Significant Increase
Moderate Increase
Moderate Decrease
Significant Decrease

Assimilate all pops
Assimilate all core province pops
Assimilate all non-colonial province pops
Assimilate all non-colonial provinces with majority non-primary and non-accepted culture

Apply modifier to boost Immigration

CB Generation:
Apply modifier to boost CB generation and remove any negative CB modifiers

Increase Liferating by 10 in all provinces
Decrease Liferating by 10 in all provinces
Increase Liferating by 10 in all non-colonial provinces
Increase Liferating by 10 in all colonial provinces
Increase liferating by 5 in all non-colonial provinces with a hard cap of 45
Increase liferating by 5 in all colonial provinces with a hard cap of 45

Annex all cores
Add cores to all current provinces
Removed [Targeted] nations cores from current provinces
Remove all forign cores from current provinces

Full Economic Reforms
Full Economic Rollback
Full Social Reforms
Full Social Rollback
Full Education & Healthcare Reforms
Full Education & Healthcare Rollback
Full Democratic Reforms
Full Democratic Rollback
Allow Elections
Deny Elections
Allow Slavery
Deny Slavery

Spawn Generals

Maximum Realtions with [Targeted] nations
Minimum Relation with [Targeted] nations

Proletarian Dictatorship
Presidential Dictatorship
Bourgeois Dictatorship
Fascist Dictatorship
Absolute Monarchy
Prussian Constitutionalism
HMS Government

Unlock All Ideologies
Unlock Fascist Ideology
Unlock Reactionary Ideology
Unlock Conservative Ideology
Unlock Socialist Ideology
Unlock Communist Ideology
Unlock Liberal Ideology

Ruling Party & Upper House:
Upperhouse changed to Fascists
Upperhouse changed to Reactionaries
Upperhouse changed to Conservatives
Upperhouse changed to Socialists
Upperhouse changed to Communists
Upperhouse changed to Liberals

Majority Population Ideology:
Population changed to Fascists
Population changed to Reactionaries
Population changed to Conservatives
Population changed to Socialists
Population changed to Communists
Population changed to Liberals

Fort +1
Fort -1
Railways +1
Railways -1

Independence & Sphere:
Independence War
Independence Civil War
Leave Sphere

[Targeted] Nation is annexed
[Targeted] Nation becomes a vassal

Civil War:
Spawn CSA and trigger Civil War

Population Size:

World Wars:
Enable Great Wars
Enable World Wards
Disable Great Wars
Disable World Wars

Major Unions:
Form Generic Cultural Union
Form Greater Germany
Form Lesser Germany
Form North German Federation
Form South German Federation
Form Italy
Form Scandinavia
Form Austria-Hungary

Minor Unions:
Form Generic Cultural Union
Form Gran Columbia
Form Arabia
Form Romania
Form Czechoslovakia
Form Yugoslavia
Form Byzantine Empire

Unlock All Techology
Unlock Early Military Technology
Unlock Late Military Technology
Unlock Early Civil Technology
Unlock Late Civil Technology
Unlock Colonisation Technology

Population Types:
Rich Strada Doubled
Rich Strada Halved
Non-Accepted/Non-Primary Rich Strada Removed
Middle Strada Doubled
Middle Strada Halved
Non-Accepted/Non-Primary Middle Strada Removed
Poor Strada Doubled
Poor Strada Halved
Non-Accepted/Non-Primary Poor Strada Removed

Originally this mod was purely to test other mods I was making. Therefore I try to keep this mod as light as possible. To Install the mod, Place the contents of the ZIP file (The mod file and .mod file) in your mod folder in your Victoria 2 game file. Activate the mod in the launcher. Can be launched with other mods. Recommend Greater Flavour Mod (GFM) (Formerly HFMe) for best game play.

It will also allways be 11/10 the best cheat mod for HPM ;)

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