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Here is the actual character list (will be update as update goes) :

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Here is the list :
_Android 17
_Final Form Frieza/100%
_Future Trunks Jacket
_Ginyu in goku's body
_Super Gogeta
_Gogeta SSJ4
_Bojack Saga Gohan
_Mystic Gohan
_Teen Gohan
_Dommaged Goku
_King Piccolo
_Super Buu Gohan absorbed
_Perfect Cell
_Piccolo with one arm
_Armored Trunks
_Kid Trunks
_Cell Saga Vegeta
_Saiyan saga Vegeta
_Namek saga Vegeta

All character are of high quality


how come you would put in android 17 but not 18, theyre a team so it would be obvious, but either way there are alot of characters

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samcrossette Author

This list only show finished character or at least playable, that don't mean there won't be any other

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