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Extended list of features covering changes to video quality and HUD

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Get ready for March 1

The following features have been incorporated in the Open Beta XML and patch files.

+ Disabled crosshairs
+ Disabled tagging
+ Disabled 'wallhack' / 'x-ray vision'
+ Disabled detection indicator and sound effect
+ Disabled hit indicator
+ Disabled several pointless sound effects and onscreen messages

+ 10% increased FOV
+ Significantly decreased overall brightness (darkness is now pitch black)
+ Slightly lowered default contrast
+ Slightly increased gamma ramp
+ Enabled AlphaToCoverage by default
+ Increased default Anti-Aliasing from 0x to 2x
+ Default video quality set to Ultra High
+ Disabled PostFxQuality for increased performance

+ Free application to force editor into borderless fullscreen mode

We are still working on disabling the minimap. However, the map editor HUD is much more difficult to change than the one ingame. (S.h.o.w.U.I.E.l.e.m.e.n.t. and H.i.d.e.U.I.E.l.e.m.e.n.t. are not present in the editor DLL files.)

The Open Beta and Final Release will come with a small application allowing you to force the map editor into running borderless fullscreen.

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