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So, what was actually done in the mod? Well, here is the answer. Full changelog down below!

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All Factions:

AI now have 3 different ways to rush, previously it was always 1 Humvee and 4 Crusaders for USA, 4 Battlemasters and 2 Dragon tanks for China and 3 Scorpions + 2 Toxin Tractors for GLA.

AI now builds more buildings on expansions:Reactors for China and USA, Extra Barracks for all factions, Extra War Factories for China and GLA, Extra Black Markets and Drop Zones for GLA and USA if they're rich enough.

Secondary economy was improved:USA now can build 3 Supply Drop Zones in their base (4 more for expansions and 7 in total) instead of just 1, same for GLA's Black Markets. China now builds 15 hackers max.

All factions now use all of their unit arsenal.

AI's will be more aggressive in total, especially during the lategame. Also lategame attack teams were enchanced, so it will be harder to defend against them.

AI now never becomes dead without cash and income. Newscript activates when AI's consider themselves in lategame and build superweapons. It checks every 2 minutes if the AI has it's secondary economy established, if yes -> it does nothing, if no -> AI receive 2500 cash. This is a cheat, but it makes AI alive for the entire game and denies situations where AI just stands still and throws general powers and superweapons until it dies.


Some scripts were broken which made USA stuck without money and tech in the lategame. Fixed

AI builds Drop Zone only when Particle Cannon was built. Fixed. Now it does it when Strategy Center has been built.

AI now uses random battle plans instead of always Hold the Line.

Some attack teams improved, so USA now uses Paladins and Tomahawks much more actively.

Chances to see Aurora bombers from AI now much higher. Same for Particle Uplink Cannon.

Added more tank attack teams. Some teams include Medics as well.

AI never builds Drone Armor upgrade. Fixed.

New USA Base


AI will build Airfield more likely. Same for MiG attacks.

AI will build more Overlords and Inferno Cannons.

AI will use Troop Crawlers more actively.

If AI chose Nuke Cannon unlock, it will use them actively.

AI never builds Nuclear Tanks upgrade. Fixed.

If AI pushed hackers, which make them stop generating money, they never begin hacking again. Fixed.

AI now builds several propaganda towers at the frontline and sides.

More Gattling Tank attack teams were added.

New China Base


If GLA chose Marauder unlock it will use them actively.

AI now builds more Scud Launchers.

AI never builds AP Bullets upgrade. Fixed.

Some Quad Cannon attack teams were added.

AI will now use Hijackers.

More tank attack teams added.

Some Rocket Buggy teams were improved, now they have some escort to protect them.

New GLA Base

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