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Here is the changelog for Special Edition v0.9 (beta). It's still incomplete and probably when the beta is going to come out the changelog will be complete.

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  • Fallen One, Carver, Devil Kin, Dark One can open doors now.
  • Celia and her quest for the teddy named Theo.
  • Complete Nut and his quest for a suit.
  • The Butcher is more talented, for instance he can open doors now. Also he will knock you back when he hits you.
  • Na-Krul's hidden speech and he is much harder now. (If you won't use the books...) (Na-Krul does more damage than Diablo but has less hit points than him)
  • Different color scheme for the Festering Nest. (Before was more orangy, and now it's more blue. It looks more unique that way.)
  • Warrior's start stats are now changed. Including his Max stats.
  • Rogue's start stats are now changed. Including her Max stats.
  • Sorcerer's start stats are now changed. Including his Max stats
  • Monk's start stats are now changed. Including his Max stats.
  • Monk's hit sounds are now more unique. (You won't always hear that he is punched, sometimes he is just going to groan)
  • Splash Attack is changed (Monk has the ability to hit atleast 3 monsters at the same time. Now if he is going to hit the other two at the same time, it's gonna give them less damage.)
  • Now monsters at higher difficulty level have bigger chance to hit you.
  • Hellfire High Quality Music
  • Butcher's Cleaver does the same damage the Butcher had.
  • Skeletons resist fire on higher difficulty's.
  • All types of Scavengers have bigger chance to hit you.
  • Diablo is now MUCH harder than before. (Diablo has more hitpoints than Na-Krul but does less damage than him)
  • The Defiler is now also harder.
  • New Sounds Effects like new Urn crash sounds and New sound for the explosion of the Festering Nest entrance.
  • Fully working Multi-player
  • Multi-player saves are named different (multi_%d.drv) (where %d it's the number of save)
  • Gray Suit is now equipable.
  • And lots of balancing on other monsters...


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