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Presenting general changes made to the game in version 0.8.8b (from 0.8.8a).

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Changelog 0.8.8b

*Fixed crash when "Random Map Locations" was set to true on random maps
*Fixed the invisible retinue screen bug
*Fixed region crash when leaving game (sometimes mid-game, even)
*Tweaked the RMG for better overall positioning
*Possible fix for players joining a multiplayer game too fast (multiple players joining at once)
*Fixed crash that happened on activation of items "Gorgon's Box" and "Yarn's Consolation"
*Titans can now see invisible
*Implemented new wall dragging system
*Stuck miners can no longer teleport to fill mines
*Fixed MP desync with frozen heroes and retinues, different hero modes, and hero XP drain
*The ping now draws the screen on the center of the viewport when no unit or building is selected

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