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An article breaking down the Capital Ships available to Cerberus in Dawn of the Reapers.

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Cerberus Roster Review Part Two

Greetings, Sundered Echo here again. The Discord Beta release of DotR is fast approaching, but I have finally found a moment in between developing to put together the second part of the Cerberus Roster Review. Today, we will look at Cerberus’ most powerful warships - its Capital Ships. The Dreadnoughts, Carriers and Super Carriers fielded by Cerberus are all immensely powerful craft that cost a lot, but can turn battles with their presence alone.

This article got long fast, and I ran out of time, so we will cover the remaining three ships, the Themis Super Dreadnought, the Aeolus Super Carrier, and the Ark, in a part three soon.


The standard capital class vessel in Mass Effect, Cerberus Dreadnoughts are often specialised for a specific task while retaining the characteristic toughness an all around excellent stats of Cerberus ships in general.

Adriatic Dreadnought

The Adriatic is a Cerberus take on the successful Systems Alliance Everest class Dreadnought. It has been improved with high quality armor and expensive bleeding edge systems, taking the design to its theoretical limits. In order to give it a more concrete place in their modern fleet, Cerberus fitted it with various advanced command and control systems that would allow it to operate as an effective flagship for fleets large or small. Though it is perhaps the least deadly of the Cerberus Dreadnoughts on its own, it would be foolish to ignore its ability to improve a nearby fleet.

Role: Fleet Command Dreadnought


  • Spinal Mass Accelerator
  • Dual Auxiliary Forward Mass Accelerators
  • Broadside Mass Accelerators, four a side


  • Two Sudan class Fighter Squadrons


  • Fleet Command - A passive that buffs the weapons and turn rate of all nearby ships.
  • Advanced Damage Control - A rare self repair ability to help survive under focus fire.
  • Phasic Ammo - An ammo power that allows the ships weapons to partially bypass barriers.
  • Micromanage - The ships ultimate ability provides significant buffs to a single nearby ship.

Adriatic Example

Trafalgar Dreadnought

This ship is designed from the ground up to be a dedicated battleship. It is covered in Mass Accelerators of all sizes, allowing it to engage all manner of targets. It is also heavily armored and maintains good speed for a ship of its size, but does pay for its brute strength with its lack of fighter craft.

Role: Battleship


  • Spinal Mass Accelerator
  • Quad Auxiliary Forward Mass Accelerators
  • Broadside Mass Accelerators, eighteen a side


  • Fire Safety Override - A huge fire rate buff followed by a fire rate penalty.
  • Sledgehammer Ammo - An ammo power able to push enemy ships around - literally.
  • Disruptor Ammo - An ammo power that increases damage against barriers and can disable a target.
  • Osmium Round - An ultimate short range barrier ignoring single shot.

Trafalgar Example

Pompeii Dreadnought

This ship is designed around both an extra long Spinal Accelerator and a large arsenal of missile weaponry. As standard, it fires Javelin Missiles, and lots of them. However, it also carries a large Nuclear arsenal - including Eezo enriched warheads for use against enemy warships, and more traditional bombs for use against planetary targets. Unlike the Council, Cerberus is not bound by laws and occasionally sees value in denying a planet to its enemy with radioactive fallout.


  • Spinal Mass Accelerator
  • Dual Auxiliary Forward Mass Accelerators
  • Many angled Javelin Missile launchers


  • Polonium Rounds - An ammo power that deals damage over time and slows down enemy cooldowns.

Pompeii Example

Cerus Dreadnought (Control Only)

A hybrid vessel incorporating Reaper technology, the Cerus is a formidable warship indeed. It has many properties similar to a Reaper, including the ability to indoctrinate hostile ships. Even without this however, it still carries a powerful main gun and two Reaper Thanix cannons.


  • Spinal Mass Accelerator
  • Dual Auxiliary Forward Mass Accelerators
  • Dual Reaper Thanix


  • Indoctrination - A passive field that converts nearby ships to ‘your’ side.

The Skin for the Cerus is placeholder currently. Lord_Set is not happy with it, and it will be made much better in time.

Cerus Example


Cerberus Carriers are not standard in any sense of the word. They eschew the normal light frames in favor of powerful engines and heavy armor that allows them to remain with a fleet even in the midst of battle.

Centurion Fleet Carrier

The primary heavy Carrier for Cerberus, the Centurion is a versatile and aggressive warship. It carries many of the best fighter pilots humanity has to offer, but also plenty of cargo and supplies. This allows it to refill its fighter compliment faster than other carriers, or even construct covert Cerberus bases on planets, colonising them.


  • Dual Auxiliary Forward Mass Accelerators
  • Broadside Mass Accelerators, six a side


  • Four squadrons, either Sudan Fighters or Morocco Interceptors


  • Create Covert Base - A colonisation ability that increases resource output temporarily.
  • Hangar Refits - Gain more fighter squadrons at the cost of ability recharge and bombing damage.
  • Ace Pilots - A passive buff for all of the Centurions Squadrons.
  • Reserve Fighters - An ultimate that immediately replaces destroyed fighters for the Centurion.

Centurion Example

Praetor Assault Carrier (Destroy Only)

This highly aggressive carrier is unusual in that its normal complement is not fighters at all. Rather, it carries many Kodiak shuttles, with which it deploys its plentiful squads boarding infantry. Even more heavily armored than the Centurion, this Carrier is right at home in the midst of an enemy fleet.


  • Eight angled Javelin Missile launchers
  • GARDIAN Laser suite, 9 emitters a side
  • Broadside Mass Accelerators, ten a side


  • Five squadrons, either Kodiak Boarding Shuttles or Morocco Interceptors


  • Boarding Party - A passive that allows boarding of enemy ships with Kodiak shuttles.
  • Deploy Ground Squads - Instantly spawn a number of Kodiak Ground Squad shuttles to either colonise or attack enemy planets.

Praetor Example

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