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The T2BOL campaign missions are listed in chronological order.

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You are Dolosus, part of the fifth batch of artificial creatures created by an alien race known as the Criollos. Upon creation, one of the scientists turns and frees you, sending you into an epic campaign to force the Criollos off Xeron.

Training - You train here..
Mission 1 One: "The Beginning" - You start off in a test tube. When Hammurabi (name to be decided upon) releases you, you must escape the facility and evade the Criollos. When you lose them, the mission ends.

Mission Two: "The Uprising Begins" - The game skips to several months later of hiding; there are now several "Mini-Draakans" that will follow you around. You have decided you waited long enough and will start raiding Criollos facilities for weapons. (Several facilities are WP'd, you can raid in any order) Once the facilities are raided, you come across a special titanium combat suit. Although it does not properly fit, it still serves the purpose. After taking the suit, you intercept a message that says your hideout was found out and save it.

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