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Check out the modding solution for this bus route simulation game!

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Bus Simulator 21, a highly-customisable bus management game, now features modding support powered by Read on to learn more about Bus Simulator 21 and how will support a new set of community creators!

Bus Simulator 21 is the latest bus line management game from stillalive studios, and the newest entry in a series dating back to 2016. With an impressive roster of brand team-ups and the ability to either manage your bus fleet from afar or drive yourself, it's a solid foundation for simulation players interested in zen-like driving experiences in games.

Image 11
Bus Simulator 21 features many branded vehicles for that extra dose of realism

Simulator games often attract individuals with a strong focus on detail, and Bus Simulator 21 delivers with a large, well-crafted open world and buses that are both distinct from one another and realistic in their appearance. The game "revised traffic and pedestrian AI, improved graphics, and a dynamic day-night cycle tightly linked to the peak hours system", intended to provide players more immersion in their bus fleet management duties. A synced multiplayer offering right out the gate means players can just as easily run bus routes with friends as manage a transport empire on their own.

Image 7
The open world gives players plenty of freedom for how they want to explore the features
in the game - leaving business management behind, or focusing on expanding their operations

The crux of many simulators is an eventual cut-off point where you've experienced much of what the game has to offer, and developers can only stave this off through post-launch content drops for so long. One effective way to ensure player retention is, of course, modding support - which now, thanks to, Bus Simulator 2021 now features.

Image 4
As players drive and manage, the world goes on, with peak hours affecting business output

Modding support, at this time, includes options for custom vehicles, skins for existing buses, and map edits, as well as decals for decorating your own vehicles. The game's page already features thirteen items from the community with a mixture of decals, skins, and new buses to drive. As time goes on, this modding support will ensure players have plenty of content to choose from.

Image 1

Decals and skins join extensive player customisation for a very
personal take on your bus driving journey

Bus Simulator 21 currently sits at a 20% off on Steam for the Lunar New Year sale, and with the newest round of modding support, it's a deal that'll only get better in the future. You can check out the existing mods for Bus Simulator 21 over on here.

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