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Acheron is an upcoming modification (mod) for Battlefield 2142. The overall goal of the mod is bringing the legendary weapons of the US Colonial Marine Corps to the game and possibly even the xenomorph species as an opponent and a battlefield that takes place in the Hadley's Hope complex on the planetoid LV-426, also known as the Acheron. Its current goal is to successfully replace the EU weaponry by that of the USCMC.

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BF2142 Acheron currently aims to replace the original weaponry of the European Union (EU) with that of the United States Colonial Marine Corps (USCMC). This features the following items:

Primary weapons
M41A Pulse Rifle XX
M240 Incinerator Unit
M56 Smartgun

Secondary weapons
M37 Stakeout X

Motion Tracker
Hand Welder
UA571-C Remote Automated Sentry System

Non-selectable Items
Combat Knife
M40 Grenades

X - modelled
XX - modelled and textured
XXX - modelled, textured and exported

M41A Pulse Rifle is currently in a need of an export, unfortunately noone seems to want or be able to do it, so if you have the required skills, we'd really appreciate such help.User Posted Image

M37 Stakeout is to be textured soon.
User Posted Image

If you're interested in helping the mod, please send me a PM. We're currently looking for people who can export weapons (especially handheld) or vehicles, make animations, sounds or textures.

Thank you for your attention! :)


good work man

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Frosty98B Author

Thanks, buddy! :)

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Thumbies up!

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