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This page covers all the Marine weapons and equipment,Alien abilities and attacks and Predator weapons and equipment in Aliens vs. Predator.

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AvP Marine Weapons & Equipment


VP78 Pistol
The pistol is the last line of defence for a Marine when no other weapon is available. The VP78 Pistol uses 9mm, squash-head rounds and you have unlimited ammo with the pistol. The pistol can be fired in single round shots or in three quick bursts. The quick bursts are useful in close combat whereas single shots might be better used at long range.

ZX-76 Shotgun
This shotgun is extremely effective in close-quarters combat but it’s not very useful for long-range targets, however. The secondary fire mode makes it fire with both barrels making it pack quite a punch. It’s a good weapon but the reload times are long and it doesn’t hold many rounds. You need to be sure that if you shoot it at someone, they go down straight away otherwise you’ll be killed before you have a chance to reload. The problem with the Shotgun is that you really shouldn’t be letting Aliens come that close to you in the first place. It’s why I find the Pulse Rifle is the best multi-purpose weapon.

M41A/2 Pulse Rifle
Every Marine starts out with gun in multiplayer. The primary mode is a machine gun and the secondary mode is a grenade launcher. When you’re using the primary mode, it’s best to fire in short bursts at your target. This not only saves you lots of ammo but you also get better accuracy on the target. The secondary mode pumps out a very powerful grenade and has a good splash-effect. This mode is for medium to long-range targets because if you fire it too close, you’ll be killed in the blast. It’s a brilliant, multi-purpose weapon that a Marine definitely shouldn’t be without.

M260B Flamethrowe
This weapons is useful for killing grouped enemies or fast-moving enemies. You can just hold down on fire and watch the burst of flames that emerge from the weapon. Unlike the pulse rifle which is better fired in short bursts, you’re better off firing this is long bursts since accuracy isn’t a problem. The secondary fire enables you to spray fuel which you can light up. Unfortunately, the weapon doesn’t do that much damage. You’d kill an Alien far quicker with the Pulse Rifle than you would the Flamethrower.

M42C Scoped Rifle
This is the marine’s ultimate long-range weapon. Because it’s a long-range weapon, you’ve got a scope which you can use to zoom in on enemies. The best place you need to be is on a high platform where nobody can see you. Aliens and Predators have far superior vision and will discover you before you discover them. Aliens will be hard to hit because of their speed. Remember to hide efficiently and be ready to kill anybody who discovers you. Try and aim for their head as it’s a one shot kill. It will take a couple of shots if you’re shooting at their bodies. Another advantage of this weapon is that it can see enemies through walls and can also see cloaked Predators if you’re looking through the scope.

Melee Combat
You can use your weapons as a melee weapon in close combat. If an enemy gets too close you can knock them away. You can use them to defend yourself against incoming attacks. For example, you could you can use a quick melee attack when the enemy is about to use a Heavy Attack against you.

Marine Equipment:

Useful for seeing where you’re going if you wandering through dark tunnels or passages. If you’re playing the singleplayer campaign, I would keep it on all the time but in multiplayer, use it only when you need it because it might give your location away to other players.

Flares are small objects which can be thrown anywhere and they’ll light the entire area up within a medium range. You can easily see enemies and other things close by when you drop a flare. A problem with the flares is that they don’t last forever.

These are essentially health packs so use them whenever you get injured. You can carry up to three Stims at a time. A Marine’s health does recharge after a little time but only to the closest bar. If a health bar is gone, the only way to restore it is to use a Stim. Be careful and make sure nobody is around when you use one because it leaves you vulnerable for a short time.

Motion Tracker
This piece of equipment can prove invaluable. The motion tracker alerts you if there are any approaching enemies in front of you. An enemy could be anywhere vertically. For example, they could be on the level above you or below you so that’s something you’ll have to take into account. The tracker does track enemies behind you but it has a very short range. It’ll start bleeping if there’s something very close behind you but by the time you notice, it may be too late. The motion tracker is based on movement. If you see a dot approaching you and suddenly disappears, one of the reasons could be that they’ve just stopped moving. If the object is moving at an average pace, it could be a Predator or a Marine. If the object is moving very fast, it will most likely be an Alien.

Sentry Guns
You’ll come across Sentry Guns at the start and end of the Marine campaign. You don’t really have any control over them except using the computer to turn them on if you’re directed to do so. Sentry Guns cover a 90 degree angle which it constantly monitors. If an enemy is spotted, it’ll start shooting. They will get overwhelmed if there are lots of enemies coming towards it at the same time.

Hacking Device
You’ll need to use the Hacking Device about four times throughout the Marine campaign to bypass doors. You’ll have to plug it in and defend your position until the Hack is complete.

AvP Predator Weapons & Equipment

Predator Weapons:

Wrist Blades
Every Predator starts out with his Wrist Blades which are used for melee combat. There are two ways to use them, Light Attack and Heavy Attack. When using the Light Attack method, you can attack an enemy quite quickly whereas Heavy Attack is a much-slower charged attack which does more damage. Light Attack can also be used to interrupt another player’s Heavy Attack and a Heavy Attack can break through a player’s block. Blocking can also be used to block another player’s Light Attack from hurting you. It’s sorta like rock, paper, scissors. Once you learn which one to use, you’ll be a formidable enemy in melee combat.

Throwing Spear
The Throwing Spear is very powerful and if it hits the target, it’s a one shot kill. When using the spear at long range, it arcs slightly so you’ll need work out where to aim it. Zoom in where appropriate to accurately throw it. Unfortunately, the Spear is not a very useful weapon when compared to the Smart Disc. It takes a lot longer to actually get it out and throw it and it’s very difficult to hit fast-moving targets like aliens. The only advantage it has over the Disc is that it doesn’t give your location away.

Smart Disc
The Smart Disc is a powerful weapon and functions in the same way as the Spear but it’s better in every way. The weapon can be used long-range or short-range and it’s a one shot kill if it hits something. There is no auto-targeting like in AvP2 but you can manually control the Disc once you fire it. You can also kill multiple targets because it ricochets off the walls and eventually returns to you. The only downside to the weapon is your targeting laser gives your location away to nearby enemies.

Proximity Mines
Proximity Mines can be used to set traps. When an enemy goes near one, it explodes and usually kills them in the process. It’s best to plant them in areas where other players frequently walk over. So for Marines, put them around weapon pickups or for Aliens, place them on the walls or ceilings. Proximity Mines do require energy so you can only put so many around before having to recharge your energy supply again. Once you’ve placed the Mines, they are very hard to see if you’re an Alien or Marine, however you and other Predators can see them clearly in Focus Mode. You can’t accidentally trip your own Mines but if you’re caught in the blast, it will hurt you. They also disappear when you are killed.

Shoulder Cannon
The Shoulder Cannon, otherwise known as the Plasma Caster, can be fired in both short bursts and charged shots. In short range, the weapon isn’t that accurate so it’s better to use short bursts if you have to use it. In long range, holding down the fire button will charge the weapon up and will lock on to a target. Release it and if it hits the target, it’s usually a one shot kill. There’s also a little splash damage so nearby enemies may be temporarily stunned. The Shoulder Cannon does use a lot of energy so you’ll only be able to use it so many times before you need to recharge again. Like the Smart Disc, when trying to lock on to a target, the targeting laser on your mask will give your location away. You can lock onto a target in any vision mode. However, it does take longer to lock onto a target in regular vision than it would in Heat or Alien vision. Another downside to the Lock On feature is that you can barely move when you’re aiming which could leave you open to attack.

Predator Equipment:

Cloaking Device
The Cloaking Device is essential to any player wanting to remain hidden and plan their attacks. Cloaking is really only effective against Marines and even then, there are a few drawbacks. You will lose your cloak if you walk in water, attack an enemy or be attacked. When you move, blue sparks will appear to other players which will give your location away. Don’t forget that the Marine also has a motion tracker so even if he can’t see you directly, the motion tracker will still give your location away if you’re moving. Aliens will be able to see you cloaked as a faint outline if you’re within a certain range. Other Predators can only see faint outlines when you’re cloaked in Heat Vision. They can still lock on to you with their Shoulder Cannon. The Cloaking Device also uses no energy whatsoever.

The Predator uses a rechargeable energy resource which is used to power the Shoulder Cannon and Proximity Mines. It also allows the Predator to heal himself if he has been attacked. Once all you’re energy has been depleted, you’ll need to find a recharge point to power up again. Make sure there are no enemies around when you use it, because you’ll be extremely vulnerable to surprise attacks.

Healing & Health Shards
In multiplayer, you can completely heal yourself at any time as long as you have enough energy. Be careful when doing this because you do roar which might give your location away. In singleplayer you can’t do this, however you can find Health Shards throughout the missions which can be used to heal the Predator. You can only have a maximum of three Health Shards in your inventory.

Focus Jump and Focus Attack
Using Focus Jump, you can reach higher locations that Marines can’t reach and you can plan out your attacks much more effectively. There is a limit to how far you can jump but if you need to reach a high platform, looks for lower platforms to jump to so you can get closer. You can also use this ability to attack enemies. Focus on your target and use Light Attack and the Predator will leap towards him attacking him. Then finish him off with a few more attacks or a Trophy Kill.

Focus Mode Analysis
As well as being able to jump to locations with Focus Mode, you can analyse enemies and information will appear on the right-side of the screen. This is available in singleplayer only. It will tell you what they are like at melee and ranged combat, and what weapons they may be carrying.

Vision Modes
The Predator has two extra vision modes to help track Marines and Aliens. Using Heat Vision, the player can locate Marines and Predators easily and the Alien Vision will obviously locate Aliens. It’s extremely difficult to spot Aliens in Heat vision or Marines in Alien Vision so you need to cycle through your vision modes quite frequently. Other Predators are visible in Heat Vision but only if they are not cloaked. The auto-targeting system on the Shoulder Cannon works a lot better if you’re using the relevant vision mode. You should be in Heat Vision to lock onto Marines or be in Alien Vision to lock onto Aliens.

You have the ability to zoom in up to three times on something. This is very useful for long-range weapons like the Disc or Throwing Spear. You can plan your attack out more efficiently this way.

Stealth and Trophy Kills
Stealth and Trophy kills are attacks that instantly kill the other player. Stealth Kills are easier to perform than Trophy Kills. They just involve sneaking up behind an enemy and performing the action. It’s an instant kill and the enemy can’t escape from it. Trophy Kills are performed from the front in combat. Prompts for these will appear when you’ve stunned your opponent. You can stun an opponent by using particular attacks or weapons. It’s possible to prevent an enemy from performing a Trophy Kill on you if you block at the right time, providing you have enough health. Beware when performing Stealth or Trophy Kills because you’re left vulnerable to Stealth Kills from behind yourself.

You can use Distraction in singleplayer. Basically, select the human and then set the Distract Point. It will play a voice recording mimicking a human. The selected human will come to investigate and that’s when you strike. Try and perform a Stealth Kill on them.

AvP Alien Abilities

Claws (Light Attack)
Your Light Attack uses your claws to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player’s Light Attack from hurting you.

Tail (Heavy Attack)
Heavy Attack uses your tail to strike your enemy. It’s slower than the Light Attack but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few Light Attacks or attempt a Trophy Kill. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You also tend to do Tail attacks faster when you’re on the ceiling or on a wall too. You can also break through an opponent’s block with your Tail whereas you can’t with your Claws. In some multiplayer levels, you will be able to destroy lights with your Tail which will help keep you hidden.

Aliens have the ability to crawl on ceilings and walls to reach places where Marines and Predators can’t go. It’s a great ability to use if you want to sneak up on your prey. If you have Auto-Transition turned on, Aliens are set to crawl on anything but you can use the Transition button to drop off a wall or a ceiling back onto the ground or vice versa.

Sprinting doubles your speed for a short duration. The Alien generally moves at 14m/s but it can sprint up to 28.47m/s. In singleplayer it can sprint for 3 seconds with a one second cool down between each sprint. In multiplayer it moves at the same speed, however the duration of the sprint is 4 seconds. Use the speed to your advantage. Aliens move much faster than Marines and Predators so you’d be able to attack one of them before they even realised what was going on. Beware that you can’t perform Stealth Kills when you’re sprinting. You’ll have to stop and then perform it.

Players have the ability to jump great distances. Look where you want to jump and when the cross-hair on the screen gets a little bigger, you will be able to jump to that location. It’s a pretty useful ability for making a quick getaway.

Pounce Attack
You can pounce towards enemies by entering focus mode to lock on to a target. Press Light Attack and you will leap towards the target stunning them. Finish them off with some more Light Attacks or try and get a Trophy Kill.

Stealth and Trophy Kills
Stealth and Trophy kills are attacks that instantly kill the other player. Stealth Kills are easier to perform than Trophy Kills. They just involve sneaking up behind an enemy and performing the action. It’s an instant kill and the enemy can’t escape from it. Remember you can’t use Stealth Kills when you’re sprinting. Trophy Kills are performed from the front in combat. Prompts for these will appear when you’ve stunned your opponent. You can stun an opponent by using a Counter Attack, Heavy Attack or a Pounce Attack. It’s possible to prevent an enemy from performing a Trophy Kill on you if you block at the right time, providing you have enough health. Beware when performing Stealth or Trophy Kills because you’re left vulnerable to Stealth Kills from behind yourself.

You only have one type of vision but enemies are highlighted clearly. In multiplayer, Marines have a blue outline around them while Predators have a red outline. You can still see cloaked Predators but only if they’re within a certain range. Other Aliens have a dark yellow outline. In the singleplayer campaign, Marines and Predators are red, Combat Synthetics are blue and Civilians are green. The other big advantage of your vision is Aliens can see through walls. If there are any enemies nearby, you’ll be able to see their outlines through the walls. Use this to your advantage and this will help you plan your attacks effectively. Remember that other Aliens have this advantage too. If you can see them through a wall, they’ll be able to see you too.

You can harvest civilians in the singleplayer campaign. It’s similar to a Stealth Kill. You basically just hold a civilian down while a Facehugger jumps onto them. You don’t get anything special game-wise for doing this but you will get an Achievement / Trophy if you harvest every civilian you see.

Aliens automatically regenerate their health when they aren’t being attacked. If you get drawn into battle, don’t be afraid to retreat to a safe place to regenerate and find a different strategy.

You can basically make a hissing sound. This might be useful to lure enemies to your location and take them down. Or if it’s a team game, you could Hiss from one location and have a team-mate come around behind the unsuspecting enemy.


This is a good article and all, but don't we all know this already?

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Yep, but still helped :P, can help the new guys to AvP :)

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good article!
just some thoughts:

I love the shotgun, it's a great weapon for close quarter combat where marines are normally low, also the secondary fire kills each enemy instant if you are in the right range, already killed an alien and a predator together with it :3.
The flamethrower is big **** against aliens, they need to long to get down, and if they burn they still attack you mostly resulting in exploding in front of you and giving you an acid shower.
Sniper is very useful weapon in singleplayer, especially against stronger enemies like androids or predators, in multiplayer it's quite hard to hit with it, as the scope is really small and most enemies move far too fast, but you can also use it in close range unscoped, it's still very strong.

The spear is really hard to handle, if you want to hit a moving target you have to predict where he will walk, for a normal walking marine about 1metre at mid range! If you shoot someone at mid range, you should target slightly downwards your actual aim, as the spear flies in some sort of a bend, but it's still a strong weapon though if you succeed with it.
The disc is cool but you shouldn't forget that as long as you don't have it back, your lasers will stay online.
The zoom is imo only useful for locating enemies and using the spear, with the disc you have the lasers anyway.

If you are close enough to an enemie and you press the heavy attack, the aliens doesn't use the tail, it uses the slow but powerful heavy attack, if you are on a wall or the ceiling or not so near to an enemy you will use the fast and strong tail attack. (that's at least what I recognized, correct me if I'm wrong

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Great article! Very helpful.

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But where is M56 Smart gun?

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