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A brief look into how having a visible Atb can affect your combat planning.

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As you may know, the Duel Map allows you to see the current ATB of heroes, units or warmachines.
The portraits now show the current ATB value instead instead of unit numbers.
This is not available in the 3.1 version and some values are different but the same principles still apply.

A unit whose turn just came is at 1000 Atb.
When it uses gating or waits, it resets to 500 Atb.
When it moves, attacks or defends, it resets to 0.
Getting morale will reset to 500 Atb since the bonus is 50%. Bad morale will reset to 670Atb.
Bash, Fear, Crushing Blow etc now halve the target's current Atb so 800 Atb units will drop to 400.
Fear my Roar is an exception. It sets to 250 Atb regardless of the target's position in the atb bar!


Heroes and WarMachines will now wait for 25% Atb instead of 50%.
This means that waiting or using an ability with 25% Atb cost (like Retaliation Strike, Banshee Howl or Benediction) will reset your hero to 750Atb.
Mass spells cost 60% Atb so you will reset at 400 Atb.
Sorcery reduces time interval between spells by 10/20/30% so you will reset to 100/200/300 Atb.


If the enemy hero is at 760 Atb and you click wait, you will reset to 750. Right after them and in a good position to counter his spells or cast yours without worry of counters.
Abilities like Retaliation Strike, Banshee Howl or Benediction aren't just useful for their effects but also a good way to rearrange your Atb position.

Finally, Atb should not be confused with Initiative. While Divine Guidance will take a unit at 700 Atb straight to 1000, +30% initiative from Haste will simply allow the unit to reach 1000 Atb 30% faster than before.
A good rule of thumb is that Initiative effects are gradual but Atb effects instant.

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