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Now I'm sure you've probably stumbled upon this mod and thought "this looks interesting, what is this", well, Here is an intricate page Listing all of the added (and planned) features and Info about DOOM: Fall of Tei Tenga

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DOOM: Fall of Tei Tenga as a Story-driven First-person Narrative mod for Doom (1993), Inspired by Tom Hall's Original design document for Doom from 1993..


The story follows one of 4 playable Characters (However, All are technically together in the narrative), After the UAC sets up a Colony on Moon 42987, Designated Tei Tenga (Nicknamed "The butt end of Space" by workers), the UAC and the UAAF, their Military offshoot, begin work on Teleportation and Advanced weaponry after the Earth has been ravaged by Wars.

During one of the Tests, however, when Testing out the model V-52 Teleportal, a rift in Time is Created, Causing unknown Creatures from a Hellish Background to escape the Universe that they were trapped in, Leading to the Fall of the Tei Tenga research base within only a couple of Hours...

As one of the Marines designated to Outpost "Hangar 2-57", you are not Alerted to the News, you're too busy playing Cards with your buddies and having a few brewskis while on Break, until one of the Creatures bursts through the door, in a panic, you Grab your Battle Rifle and shoot the Hellish abomination dead, preparing for worse, you suit up, grab your trusty Gun and prepare for the worst...


As mentioned previously, The player takes control of 1 of the 4 Playable Characters stationed to the Outpost,

The characters include:

John Petrovitch, A grizzled UAAF Marine hailing from London, As a Cpl, he lost one of his Fingers in the war, As a result, he tends to have poor Recoil management with some of the Weapons.

Dimitri Paramo, A Russian UAAF Soldier who, despite only Being a Cpl, Strikes fear into the Hearts of most Marines, even Squad Leader Sgt Barnes, He is Built very much Like a tank, Having the Most health out of the Others and having a Powerful Heavy Assault Rifle as a Starting weapon, His disadvantage Lies in his Slow speed, making it hard for him to outrun most fast projectiles and even later on, Fast enemies...

Thi Barrett, The Daughter of UAAF Founder Lt. Dwight Barrett, She has a Military upbringing, despite only being 17 years old, her Combat experience and excelling grades was the result that she managed to Join the Marine Corps, She is the Fastest out of all of the Characters, and uses a pocket knife and a Pistol as her starting weapons, Due to her smaller stature, it is Much harder for projectiles to hit her, but as a trade-off, She has the lowest health out of all of the Characters, making her much weaker than the Others

Loreli Chen, Originally a member of the Earth Division of the UAAF, she was assigned to the Tei Tenga outpost after losing a bet, Resulting in her being exposed to the Nightmares of Tei Tenga's Demonic infestation only a week after she was assigned to the Outpost. She shares Similar stats to John, being essentially a "Doomgirl" in a way, Although an advantage she has over John is that she tends to have decent recoil Management, her Disadvantage Lies in her relatively poor aim...


Certain characters tend to be better suited to some situations than others, as a result, Co-op play is very much recommended in Fall of Tei Tenga, but for those who play singleplayer, Here are all the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Characters...


His advantage lies in him Being the "Big Russian Tank" of the Group, Having a Base health of 125, and Starting off with a Heavy Rifle as a Starting Weapon, and His own Fists as a Melee weapon, which do Relatively decent Damage.

His Disadvantage Lies in him being more of a "Support Gunner" role, as He is The slowest character out of the Entire group, and having a Wider hitbox, making it Easier for him to be hit by Projectiles.


His advantage Lies in him being Skilled the Most when using the Shotgun/ Super Shotgun, as the SG and SSG tend to have less Spread when Used by John, making it Easier to hit Enemies with the Shotgun when playing as him.

As mentioned Earlier, his disadvantage Lies in him having poor recoil control compared to the other Marines, Most of the times if he uses an Automatic weapon, the Recoil can cause you to miss, which means that when playing as John, it is Much safer to Use automatic weapons in Short bursts, rather than continuous fire.


Her advantage Lies in her shorter Stature, Meaning that enemy projectiles often struggle to hit her as much as they do with the other Marines, she is also Much faster than the other characters, which makes her a Generally more reliable character at times.

Her disadvantages make her seem like a poor choice at first, however, as she Has a lower starting health, and When she does take damage, it is generally much more damaging than with the other Characters, luckily, the Positives mainly outweigh the negatives with her.


Her advantage lies in her Having a base Health of 100 (which is more than Thi, and generally is quite average, but still makes her quite reliable), she is Slightly faster than John, and also has better Recoil management than him.

However her Disadvantage lies in her relatively poor aim, as Most shots from her Weaponry aren't always dead-on, meaning that you have to plan out how you are going to use your guns when playing as her.

And speaking of the Weapons...


Most of the Weaponry in Fall of Tei Tenga follows a Similar beat to the O.G Doom, With some slight Differences, and even some minor rebalances to some Weapons.



Most player's starting Weapon, the Rifle fires relatively slow to Moderately fast, It is able to put out Decent damage and Generally has the most common Ammo source, as Ammunition is Quite easy to find for it...



The second Weapon, is acquired towards the End of E1M1, and has the Second most common Ammunition, being Dropped by Shotgunners and can sometimes be found separately, scattered in most levels, Deals decent damage, but with Wide spread, Has to be pumped after every shot, which leaves you open to Attack...

SMG/ Machinegun:


The SMG is the Third weapon seen in the Game, obtained in E1M2 As you are ambushed by a Horde of Zombies, it has a Fast fire rate and Shares ammunition with the Rifle, it is generally good with swarms of enemies and as a backup weapon if the shotgun is an unfit choice for the situation you are dealing with...



The HMG, currently unobtainable, but will be encountered in Episode 2, Has it's own unique Ammo type, But as a result is Much less Common, it Has a slower Fire-Rate, but Deals much more Damage than most weapons, it's Downside lies in the fact that it uses 2 bullets per shot (which means that saving ammo is Very important), and it is Generally not suited for most combat encounters, being more suited for taking down Tougher enemies like the Hell Barons and Revenants...



The classic Boomstick from DOOM 2 returns, this time Being pump-action, It is encountered in E1M3, and is the step-up to the regular shotgun, it deals The most damage out of All of the weapons in Episode 1 and is Generally the go-to choice for most tougher combat encounters in Episode 1, It's downside is that it is only obtainable in 2 Levels in episode 1, (Is much rarer late-game), and uses up 2 Shells per shot, meaning that you are more likely to run out of Ammo with this thing...

Missile Launcher:


A 3-Barreled Missile Launcher, Functions much the Same as the Rocket Launcher from Classic Doom, Outside of having an Alt-Fire that shoots out 3 Rockets at once, it's disadvantage however is it's Rarity, as it is the Second to-last weapon that the Player obtains in Episode 2, and Is only found in Episode 2,3, and 5...

Spray Rifle:


The UAAF's Most advanced Weapon designed for the Earth Division, it is First seen in Episode 3, And is later seen a handful of times in Episode 5 and 6, it Deals out Rapid fire with decent damage, if the Projectile hits the floor, it can cause an Are-of-effect type damage that slowly melts an enemy that steps in it, it's disadvantage is it's Fast fire rate, as it can chew through Ammo fairly quickly...

BFG 2704:


Nicknamed the "Big Fucking gun" by Marines, the Biogenetic-Force accelerator Gun Model 2.704 is the Second to last Weapon obtained in Fall of Tei Tenga, Being first given to the Player in Episode 5, and Appearing last in E6M5, It Shoots out an Electromagnetic Ball that Drains enemies of their Life force using electromagnetic tendrils that eject from it, all the while swarming other enemies With swarms of Plasma, it's Disadvantage is it Using up 200 Cells when firing and having Insane amounts of recoil.



What the !@#%* is this!

Found deep within the Bowels of Hell, this is the Last weapon obtained in Fall of Tei Tenga, Found in E6M7...

So there you go, that was All you Need to Know about


ttnga 1

Now, what are you Waitin' for Soldier, get out there and Do your country proud...

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