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Here is some of the main features of the game AIFOS!

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Here are some of the main features of this RPG/Shoot'em up hybrid


There's 3 modes of game-play:


-The RPG mode, where the story flow's. The player can interract with the NPCs, that reacts differently depending on multiple factors.


-The Ship Missions mode, where you can make a difference by killing space aliens! (That's the arcade Shoot'em Up part).


-The Hacking Missions, where you have trials in form of "shoot'em up puzzles". You can hack many things. It's up to you to experiment!

Character Points

character points

  1. Energy: This is your bio-electricity gauge. It will be used to do some actions that uses effort. The primaly action that needs energy points is hacking. It can be aquired by eating food or by using other items.

  2. Moral: The happiness and psychological health of the player. It change the way NPC interract with you but most impontantly, boost your moral before a dog-fight mission! Many items and actions can make your moral cap to the max! Experiment!

Charisma: It totaly influence the way the NPC see's you. You can gather information (Data points) this way and can unlock other part of the story. Some actions and items can make your charisma points go up!

Buy items... It's fun to shop!

Buy Items In Shop

You can find a lot of shops, for any kinds of things. You can go eat at restaurant to. All items give different kind of character points and even Xp if you can have a good deal on something precious!

Big Boss


‚ÄčIn some missions, you'll have the previlege of killing challenging Boss, while testing your acquired skills. They're tough but they also possesses a weakness that you can exploit. So master your dogfighting skills and be ready to save humanity!

Use the right gun

Enemies Types

You have 3 types of enemies and guns to kill them with.

1-The Bio ones (use the Green projectiles)

2-The Mecha ones (use the Red projectiles)

3-The Energy ones (use the Blue projectile)

The correct type of weapons doubles the damage!

Level Up!

Skill Points

You can Level up with XP and add Skill Points!

A 8 chapters story.

But just like other RPGs, there's a story with dialogues, multiple protagonists, bad guys, and a mysterious Alien technology. The main character: Kyle, is having weird dreams about a strange feminine entity, and he thinks it has something to do with the return of the Alien Invaders From Outer Spaces, an insect species that was destroyed during the last Invaders War.

The game will be on Steam TBA 2018!

You can visit my Web Page for more info!

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