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A look at another feature of the Space Ship Mode: The Secondary "Weapons"... Well, they're not all weapons, some are more abilities but they still help you in combat.

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Quick recap:

So, for you guys that didn't see the other posts, AIFOS is a RPG/Shoot'em up hybrid with lot's of gamplay elements. The RPG part is about gaining the "Data" needed to unlock the Ship missions and progress through the story. It has dialogues, you buy stuff and take care of the main character (he needs attention).

The other Part is the said Star Ship Mode. It's a Galaga' ish type of shooter, with 3 kind of main weapons and a Set of Secondary Weapons.

Small Gameplay

A short GIF of the gameplay. I will upload a full Video soon, but I need to make some music first.

The Secondary Weapons:


When you use the right weapon at the right time (there is a in-game tutorial explaining that), or just by blocking projctiles with your shield- or - taking damage (that's not recomended), it refill your Special Energy Bar (yellow bar on the left). With enough Special Energy, you can use the secondary weapons.

You Unlock those abilities gradualy, by progressing through the game.

The POW activation:


The POW give a boost to your Primary Weapons Damage. It double's it to be precise. It's a good reason to build your Special Gauge up!

The Missiles:


The Missiles are high damage projectiles and it can destroy armored Enemies. You'll need that later.

The "Healing":


How can you "Heal" a Ship you'll say... Well you can't, normaly. But your ship is wired to the vital signs of the pilot. That's why upgrading the Life Support of your character, does raise the overall damage that your ship can take. And this ship is using a new technology, that use the "Special Energy". It's back-engineering from a lost alien civilisation. They don't understand it all yet, but it seems to work.

The Dark Sword:


Use this for close encounters. You can deflect some unblockable projectiles and destroy special enemies too.

The TBomb:


This weapon looks weird at first, but it is an Highly Powerfull Missile! It destroy Armored enemies, but when it hit a target, it splits into two other devastating projectiles, that pierces through enemies. You can also trigger the Spliting by pressing the same button. Its sideways attack can reach areas that you can't with the other weapons, like the weak spots of some enemies. This one will come handy.

The UltiLazr:


The codenamed "UltiLazr", is the ultimate weapon! You have to build up your entire Special Battery to unleash that beast of pure Unknown Energy. The engineer that developed that experimental weapon is not sure if it's safe to use it... But that's a risk a Space Mercenary is ready to take!

A Demo Soon!

Hey my friends! If you've taken the time to read this post and the others I've made, I thank you... A lot! I'm not doing that much of News Updates because I run out of time, and I got a lot to do as a Solo Developer.

But I am working on a Demo that I hope I will finish soon! It will be The first chapiter of the game so it will give you an idea of what kind of game it'll become. There will be 8 chapiters in all.

You can visit my Social Media if you want, that would be great!

Twitter: @NiceHit2


Home Page:

Thanks guys!

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