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In this version, the Gauls have been completely reworked with new units, and new buildings from BI! Also the BAI actually works now!

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The Gauls were always a pushover in vanilla. They had hordes of shirtless warriors who'd rout as instantly as they'd charge. Those units still remain. However, vanilla never really gave them any support. Historically the Gauls had a sophisticated society and civilization, based off status and nobility. In this version of my mod, I wanted to give more immersion to the Gauls and their military, as well as upgrade their building tree for the late game. Lanjane was crucial to their development, I was just the one adding files in, so please give credit to them, for the best Gallic representation that a vanilla mod can offer!

Awaiting Germanic Horde

The New Look Gauls Await the Germanic Horde

Here are the list of features in v3:

- Barbarian UI from BI added to barbarian culture

- New Strat Map Captain for Gauls

- New Barbarian Officer and Carnyx Musician attached to Barbarian Units

- BI buildings added to campaign and battle map. Only Gaul has access to all of the buildings though.

New Barbarian UI

New UI, Captain and Buildings

- Gallic Roster completely overhauled

- Battle AI script activated on battles (including custom battles!) instead of campaign. It actually works now, check it out!


- Druids available at all lvl3 Temples for Gauls

- Naked Fanatics changed to Gaesatae and now available only to Gaul as a mercenary unit. No other factions can hire them.

- Around 14 new units for the Gauls total.

New Gallic Army

New Gallic Roster

I know the features list is sort of small, but the Gallic Roster is a lot larger and more complex, and it took a lot of time to make it.

Here is a look at the Gallic Roster in Detail:


Tier1 - Warband & Gallic Levies


Tier1 - Spear Warband & Sword Warband

Tier2 - Spearmen & Swordsmen

Tier3 - Veteran Spearmen & Veteran Swordsmen

Tier4 - Chosen Spearmen & Chosen Swordsmen

Tier5 - Gallic Champions


Tier2 - Slingers & Skirmisher Warband

Tier3 - Archer Warband

Tier4 - Forester Warband & Ballistas

Tier5 - Onagers


Tier2 - Gallic Light Cavalry

Tier3 - Gallic Cavalry

Tier4 - Gallic Heavy Cavalry

Tier5 - Gallic Noble Cavalry

Again, the main credits go to Lanjane for helping me create the roster on paper and then edit/make all the units and graphics. Other credits go to: Macedon Expansion, Barbarians Revenge, Rise of Empire, Extended Greek Mod and Extended Cultures Mod.

For more visuals, check out the screenshots area on my moddb page!

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