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Devs Sean and Dave battle it out for mediocre scores in the Cycle 28 beta. Cycle 28 is a 2D space shooter in the classic arcade style, where only your score matters. The controls are simple. The action is fast-paced. Insane dogfights lead to epic, screen-filling bosses. But the truth is: You don’t know what Cycle 28 is. Not yet.

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On 5th January 2018, Cycle 28 entered into its closed beta. We invited some of the Pill Bug community – fans and stalwarts of our first game, Intelligent Design – to take a look at the latest version of Cycle 28. Early feedback has been extremely helpful, and very positive. We’re so excited to have people outside the dev team get their hands on the game.

But, there has been one very worrying development.

Thanks to the Leaderboard, we now realise how bad we are at our own game.

In an attempt to fix this dire situation, devs Sean and Dave have decided on a little “friendly” competition to help each other improve their scores. They’ll be making regular videos documenting their (slow) progress. Here’s the first duel, in which they each fight their way through three cycles whilst the other commentates. The competition was fierce, and the results turned out closer than either of them expected…

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