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Overview of all fractions (civs, leaders), unit types, buildings, wonders, features, events and quests of Pie's Ancient Europe VI (actual version of 20.10.2021)

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Settler SPQR

Datagraphy of Pie's Ancient Europe (PAE)

-) Period of time: 5000 BC to 500 AD

-) Epochs: Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Classical Era and Late Antiquity (with ethnic styles for cities and even some units)

-) Technologies: 231 (eg. Spoke Wheels, Cuneiform, Shield Bearer)

-) Civilizations: 33 (eg. Etruscans, Britons, Iberians)

-) Leaders: 156 (eg. Sargon, Agamemnon, Salomon, Trajan)

-) Units: 315 (eg. Sea Peoples, Shortswordsman, Skirmisher)

-) Special Units per CIV: up to 8 (eg. Warband, Legionary, Sacred Band)

-) Territorial Units (NEW): 10 (eg. Balearic Slingers, Cretan Archers, Teutons)

-) Unit classes: 13 (eg. Spearman, Skirmisher, Chariot)

-) Unit promotions: 136 (eg. Skirmish, Furor, Loyalty)

-) Unit formations (NEW): 16 (eg. Shield Wall, Phalanx, Flank)

-) Unit ranking (NEW): 135 (eg. Centurio, Tribune, Polemarchos, Vizier)

-) Buildings: 178 (eg. Smoking Hut, Vintager, Arena)

-) Special Buildings per CIV: up to 10 (eg. Stone Circles, Gymnasion, Levee)

-) National Wonders: 16 (eg. Leagues, Mint Press, Bible Translation)

-) World Wonders: 65 (eg. Sphinx, Great Wall of Gorgan, Circus Maximus)

-) Projects: 5 (eg. Silk Road, Panhellenic Games, St. Anthony Monastery)

-) City specialists: 20 (eg. House/Field/Mine Slaves, Gladiators, Reservists)

-) Bonus resources: 66 (eg. Lead, Bronze, Olives, Cedars)

-) Terrain: 11 (Burnt forest, Dense forest, Fair wind)

-) Terrain improvements: 22 (eg. Salt Mine, Lumber Camp, Latifundium)

-) National disasters (NEW): 13 (eg. Earthquakes, Meteorites, Plague)

-) Religions: 13 (eg. Zoroastrianism, Celtic, Nordic, Egyptians Gods)

-) Cults: 9 (eg. Isis, Cybele, Mithras, Hellenism)

-) Civics: 36 (eg. Tyrannis, Oligarchy, Codex)

-) Events: 155 (eg. Tomb raiders, Spartacus, Trade of women's hair)

-) Quests: 22 (eg. Leper colonies, Spread of cults, Provinces)

-) Random map scripts: 40 (eg. Continents, Mirror, Donut)

-) Maps 5000 BC: 27 (eg. Europe (all sizes), Eurasia, Mediterranean)

-) Scenarios: 12 (eg. Rise of Egypt, Greco Persian War, First/Second Punic War, War of Diadochy)

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