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SuperPower Complete Edition (v 5.0) Now it is a 4-in-1 version. This version focuses on the improvement of stability. Please check the "downloads" for the v5.0 - it may take a few days for authorization, please be patient.

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SuperPower Complete Edition
V5.0 Update
----Attention: NOT compatible with older version’s saved files!----Important: Please check the Civilpedia before playing! This is a total-conversion Mod with many deep-tweaks! There are too many false “bug report” due to not understanding those new settings!!
----Compatibility:Now supports the latest official patch of Civ5 ( and Korea DLC.Now the Mod is a 4-in-1 Edition (Balance+Units+Buildings+Misc) No longer to load 4 separated mod parts every time!
----Bug FixedPlease upgrade DLL - Various Mod Components by whoward69 to v60 or higher versions. The trade route “overflow” bug has been fixed after v60.A thoroughgoing check in almost every single code in this mod has been done. Many issues are fixed. It should be helpful for reducing the chance for CTDs, Corrupted Saved Data and Technology Tree error!Fixed a Bug of a false “Free Policy” display at the beginning of the game if playing certain civilizations.Fixed a Bug with policy discount setting, so buildings or policies which have “policy discount” effects now work fine.Fixed a Bug may crash the game when the last city of an AI player is captured with "complete kills" checked A new game set-up UI is built which makes this mod no longer blocking the Upgrade 1 DLC. This may solve some texts display issues and improve the stability.(Thanks CaptainCWB for the codes)Fixed many other balancing issues.----New Features & Balance TweaksElite Units and Prototype Units:Elite and Prototype Units: They are the best units of their era for their strength and special abilities and they can tip the balance of a war if used wisely. Some of them are elite forces in the real history while some of them are designed with human's best imagination. There are 20 Elite and Prototype Units in this mod, for example: The 300 Spartans (Elite Infantry), Yamato (Super Battleship), Panzer VIII Maus (Super-heavy Tank), Hydra (Underwater Carrier) and so on.These units must be built through certain Projects and those Projects are unique in the world just like World Wonders. Only the first civilization finishing the Project has the right to build the unit.For details, please check the Civilpedia!Move your Capital:You are now allowed to move your Capital to other cities you own at a high cost.Automated Cities:Feeling tired of controlling too many cities? Now your cities can choose their production queue automatically. However you can still intervene anytime.One-click Orders for all UnitsFeeling tired of ordering too many units? Now you can give those orders by one-click: all idle units will enter “sleep”, “fortified”, “intercepting” only by clicking one button. Also, you are allowed to upgrade all your units available for upgrade at once only by clicking one button.. Specialists “Upgrade” System:Specialists can be “upgraded”. You are allowed to build certain foundations and guilds to increase their output at a cost of more gold investment. For example, “Science Foundation Lv1” will make each scientist produce +2 Science, but you must pay 2 Gold for each scientist for research funds.Policies:6 new policies, also, many tweaks to the Policy Tree. Please check the details in the game. Now over-powered policies are separated and you don’t need to worry to unlock all policies too early.Many tweaks to the Ideologies for balance, Ideologies are designed for late-game use. You no longer have to rush for Ideologies.The second level tenets for every Ideology are reduced to four. You don’t need to make the sacrifice for choosing 4 from 6.Technologies:3 new technologies: Advanced Engineering, Materials Science, and Integrated Circuit. For details, please check the Civilpedia!The number of International Trade Route slots earned by Technologies is reduced. You must gain additional International Trade Route slots from certain policies or buildings. New Units:3 new units: WWII Paratrooper, EMP Bomb, Cog. Also some balance tweaks to the units are made. Please check the details in the game.You can now purchase guided missiles directly on Missile Cruisers and Nuclear Submarines if they are inside friendly borders. (No discount!)For details, please check the Civilpedia!Historical BuildingsMany of the early buildings, like granary, watermill, walls and castle will become obsolete in the late game, but they will become historical sites and can provide additional Tourism after discovering certain technologies. Only the civilization with a carefully protected history can be more attractive to the tourists to achieve the Cultural Victory.Military Production BuildingsAdvanced military Units must be built in cities with military production buildings (Barracks, Armory, Arsenal, Military Base). Cities without military production buildings can only produce civilian units and recon units.New Buildings & Wonders:2 new buildings and 4 new world and national wondersSome tweaks of buildings’ effects for balance are made.For details, please check the Civilpedia!Special Terrain Improvements:After researching “Military Science”, you are allowed to build the Pontoon Bridge to make land units cross the water tilesAfter researching “Advanced Engineering”, you are allowed to use workboat to clear the ice plot to let your naval unit cross. Also, workers are allowed to cross the mountain and build railroads on mountain plots. Once the railroad is built on a mountain plot, the mountain will become “hill” and let other land units cross.New resources:Two new resources: Lapis lazuli and Coral from the mod More Luxuries by BarathorCity State BonusCity States can produce their own strategic resources: 4 Horses, 4 Iron, 4 Coal, 4 Oil and 4 Aluminum to let them build buildings and units requiring such resources. Your City State allies will also provide those strategic resources for you once you have researched the certain Technologies.
----Others:Difficulty Levels are re-designed. 8 difficulty level from “Microstate” to “SuperPowers”. Both new players and experienced players can find their fun.Game speed options are re-designed. All units receive +1 MP in “quick” mode. Research speed are slowed down greatly but building speed won’t be too slow in “epic” and “marathon” mode.Since the 276 patch has fixed the “science overflow“ bug, the great scientist’s ability is brought back to vanilla game’s effect. Some tweaks for AI to make them smarter, for example, AI will annex a city if its population reaches more than 10 for its better benefit. Other minor tweaks - please check the Civilpedia!



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