Multimedia Fusion is the perfect tool for creating applications, multimedia applications and exciting games. MMF continues the amazingly powerful graphical programming interface started with Klik & Play and continued with The Games Factory. Powerful new objects, exciting new transitions and a graphics library packed with megabytes of royalty free graphics and sounds. We also offer an SDK package so you can make your own extensions using C++ and plug them into MMF.

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Easy to use,easy to develop,cuts considerous amount of time, make things simple,it´s great to start to make games and a very powerfull tool in overall


X2Star says

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I have used this game engine for four years now, This engine is better for 2D or 2.5D games as its not powerful enough to make 3D on its own. Its kind of expensive as its about 100$ for a stranded version. While not much programming is needed i would say its a good engine.

I'd say: It's easy to know about this program instead of writting.


leozlk says

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Awesome pixel-perfect engine, easy to use and good performance. Extension Manager (Where you can find and download more functions to the engine) such like "Raycast" extension to make a doom-like game.


WarriorrKing48 says

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OK.YOU GUYS are just the best!!!!!!!It allows me to program games more easily,so thanks for all the programs!

Really easy to use! And no coding needed. I can make any game you want. But its not a 3d engine but still REALLY good!


PCF13 says

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MultiMedia Fusion is a game engine by ClickTeam, and it's great. It's currently exclusive to Microsoft Windows.


The engine is EPIC!! Even though I want to upgrade to clickteam fusion, IT IS STILL AWSOME!! I mean how can there be spoilers?! There can't be. I am still learning still how to use MooGame and MooClick though.


That's a great program, it's easy to use, not that easy, but 80% easier compared to Unity, Game Maker, etc. I discovered this program when i was like 11, now i'm 13 and i improved my MMF2 skills, right now i use Clickteam Fusion. This really deserves a 10/10 because dude, it's amazing, the readers must download it!

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