jMonkeyEngine is a game development suite made especially for game developers who want to create 3D games with modern technology standards. The software is programmed entirely in Java, intended for wide accessibility and quick deployment.

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This engine is the VERY reason that I am switching from learning C++ to learning Java.

The only game I've tried that used it is great, not too resource intensive, and still has a look that's worth watching. Additionally, this engine CAN do what many native-coded AAA game engines do, for free, with the possibility to make a profit., in a language that means that it's completely compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows.

In short, develoupers of open world games should look no further.

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Developer of 3079 here -- My game wouldn't have existed if it wasn't for this engine. This engine has done so many great things for me, and knowing it is purely Java based allows it to be completely cross-platform without any extra work. Did I mention it is free? These guys deserve tons of credit. This engine is fast and full of features. It also includes a complete Software Development Kit with terrain editors and all sorts of gizmos. Highly recommend this! In response to other review comments…

Apr 20 2012 by Phr00t