GameGuru offers you a game maker that's open to non-programmers and designers/artists, or anyone who aspires to create their own 3D game. It also has powerful editing tools for those who want to take their game creation further with LUA scripting, model importing and full customizability. The power at your fingertips!

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I just love GameGuru. Really easy to use and fantastic looking results. What's even better is I can now use my GameGuru levels in my favorite programming language AGK too :)


A great tool that allows those who don't want to delve into programming the ability to create very realistic 3d Games. With little to no experience necessary and comes with a great starter level to get you started quickly.

Great for beginners and advanced. Wonderful community spirit. Future development will open up greater expansion of use and abilities.


Engine very easy to use and constantly changing, GG programmers are listening to GG users for the evolution of the program.
excuse my bad English


GameGuru is a very user friendly and easy to use game engine. The speed at which you can create awesome looking levels is one of it's outstanding features.

The editor is well laid out and very intuitive. It is well supported with lots of models and media available, and the forum is great and very helpful.

If you are looking for an engine that can render beautiful scenery with little effort, then this is the game maker for you. Fantastic!


very soon... engine likes look udk a nice graphics a good ai enemys


Easy to use, and SO much free content with just the core engine. I think the recent free DLC addon was 2.5GB alone.
Not to mention the amazingly huge amount of support from the team behind it, who will actually talk to you and answer questions directly on the forums. And Speaking of the forum? There is so much in the way of ready-to-use free assets coming out of there from friendly, knowledgeable users, practically on a daily basis. Some of them sell in the gameguru store, but give so generously on the forums, not only of their creations in the way of models and scripts and textures, but of their time in helping others with problems they run into figuring out how to do something.
This engine is coming along well too. Cons I see listed previously are already starting to disappear as they implement regular updates. And they listen to users with a voting system designed to get on top of what they would like to see worked on next. So if you want to see something done faster, vote.


Quite a good game engine/editor, but needs a higher specification to run smoothly than my laptop has. (Don't get an AMD A8 CPU!)

Very easy to use editor allowing you to get a game up and runninng in no time. GameGuru does all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on the fun design side of things.
Another thing I like is that TGC are actively working on this software so bug fixes are dealt with quickly and new features added all the time!

The engine is super easy to use, very intuitive and as constantly getting updates improving visuals, performance, features, ease of use. This is one of the few digital products out there that I can say without a doubt is community driven. The devs constantly trawl the forums reading suggestions/ bug reports etc and the bigger the cry for the feature is then the sooner it gets implemented. the assets alone that come with it far exceed the quality you would expect at such a jaw dropping price, they are all very professional and detailed. on top of this the forums contain thousands of free high quality models, media and scripts as well, The great thing about Game Guru is that it's constantly getting better and I have no doubt that one day relatively soon it can sit up there beside the show stealer engines in terms of features, mechanics etc yet far exceed them in terms of its ease of use.

The bottom line is if you are interested in game development of any sort or are looking for a way in, this is the product for you. The price is unbelievable. The assets and media that come with it are worth 100 times that price on their own. The features it has and will get are out of this world. Just as a brilliant artist can make a masterpiece in windows paint or a sculptor can make beautiful figures from play-dough. With Game-Guru, the only limit is your imagination.

Thanks for all you've given us Lee and the team!!

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