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Illustrated Polymer history, A collection of screenshots that Plagman took during the Polymer development.

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Pierre-Loup "Plagman" Griffais has just released a collection of great screenshots that he took during the Polymer development cycle.

The first screenshot dates all the way back to August 2006 where to most people it would look like a simple black room with a few white lines. But this is where Polymer was born from.

"This is how it started. Rendering the floor and ceiling of a test square room in Mapster32. Perspective looks good."

Only a few people knew of the existence of Polymer at this time and the whole time the Duke Nukem community was clueless and had no idea what was in store for them.

"Experimenting with a different specular highlight color. Fits the atomic health pretty well."

When Polymer was announced on the community, these were a collection of screen shots that were provided, no one could believe it was real due to the timing it was posted. (April 1st 2009)

"I like this shot."

You can find all the screenshots and commentary by Plagman here:


Still sucks it lags like hell, it's so awesome it even blew out my Quad core/Quad Sli.

But I still freakin' love it.
Use it for EVERYTHING duke related.

Hell even D+ with Community build maps... freakin' huge!
Huge ammount of lag aswell!

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The_Commander Author

If you type into the console " r_pr_shadows 0 " it will turn off all the shadows but still leave you with the great looking textures and basic lighting and actually makes it quite playable.

You could also try messing with the shadow detail settings, the default is 4.
" r_pr_shadowdetail " change it to 1 or something to lower the detail and see if that helps if you still want basic shadows.

You will need to type in " restartvid " after you have made your changes for them to take effect, if you are playing the E1L1 with the maphacks you will need to restart the level for it to work again.

Future builds will have these options in the video settings making it more user friendly than tinkering with the console.

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Wow, looks awesome, too bad I just finished Duke3D again for the n-th time a few months ago :)

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The_Commander Author

There are an endless amount of mods and maps you can play with.
But I am sure you knew about that right? heh

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its not full DEVhistory... :(

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They should adjust the lags in the game.
After that would be very good to play!

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