The Drag[en]gine is a fully customizable game engine and game development environment designed with modularity and extensibility in mind not requiring expensive licenses.

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I promised some videos about the Drag[en]gine Integrated Game Development Environment. Due to driver bugs here some minor editors shown instead of a full blown video.

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Font/LangPack Editor Video

Due to the GPU driver bug introduced in the 14.x version I can't make right now a full video. I take the liberty to pull front some minor editors not worth a full video. The bug should be worked around that week so next time will be another video. This time it is about the Font Editor and the Language Pack Editor. I'll just put up an image of each as this is enough I think.

The Font Editor is a basic editor for *.defont files. Although you can paint fonts yourself it is easier to use systems fonts. The editor supports generating glyph maps from a system font in your desired size and font properties. The Drag[en]gine supports two kinds of fonts: colored and not colored. Colored fonts are rendered as they are drawn in the glyph image. This allows for multi-color fonts out of the box but you can't tint them. Non-color fonts on the other hand are gray-scale glyph maps which can be tinted into whatever color you like. You can compare non-color fonts with your typical text application fonts whereas color fonts are more comparable to special usage cases. Once created you can load *.defont files with any size you want. The engine does the scaling for you.

The Language Pack Editor provides support to edit *.delangpack files. I18N is provided in the Drag[en]gine out of the box using Language Packs and Translators. Basically you create a translator for your game and assign them to objects in need of using i18n text. Then you can assing a language pack file to the translator and the text it spits out is properly translated. You can use multiple translators and language packs if you want. Language packs are thus a large table of text fragments identified by string tokens. The editor allows to edit these string tables.

Font Editor Preview Image Language Pack Editor Preview Image

Daily Grinding

A lot of time got lost trying to locate the driver bug introduced recently. I'm close to iron out the problem but it prevented making a video. Nevertheless I could get some other work done. Mainly coded up the language pack editor as it didn't exist yet. Another ongoing work is moving more game scripts into the game engine itself for you guys out there to start your projects with some ready made scripts. Last but not least did some more ZPOC work where I put an old hangar model of mine into the engine. I always wanted to see how this Blender Cycles rendered scene looks in the engine. Here's the video. Furthermore I've started putting up the videos on the Wiki. All the editor information will be assembled there with the appropriate links to additional information. This is much work in progress.


Next up is eventually wrestling down the driver bug. Then up next is the video about the Conversation Editor. I did in a long time ago news post already a video about that editor but I'm going to make it more informative this time around. Otherwise more work on getting the engine to the first release state. It's though still going to take some time.

And a side not to TKaZa: it's not heresy to tackle large engines like UDK or CryEngine. Just because I don't have a gang of coders behind me doesn't mean I can't put up a fight in terms of features. They only cook with water too... But I've got dragons to heat up the water ^.=.^

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