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A new development update has been released for Miscreated!

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Today we have a rather large update with a lot of images for you.

Pre-Alpha Testing

As most of you probably know by now we are officially in our pre-alpha testing phase with the game and several people have had the opportunity to playtest the game so far and give us feedback on it. We are diligently working on adding a lot more stuff to the game for the pre-alpha testers to play around with and give us feedback on.


We are an offically licensed indie developer by Crytek, and we started accepting pre-orders for the game in late November. For those that have pre-ordered, the alpha (pre-order version) is expected to be ready around April. If you haven't pre-ordered yet, we suggest you do so soon as the price will increase as we enter the Alpha version of the game. You can pre-order by visiting our website at:

There are three main things holding up the release of the alpha version of the game: stocks models, main player character, and animations.

Stock Models

As you'll see below in todays update, we've been spending a lot of time working on getting the stock models and assets replaced that we're currently using. We're about 2/3 of the way through the list and hope to have the rest finished up in the next couple of weeks - then we can start working on some more fun models as well.

Main Player Character

Our new main player character has been modeled and we're current working on improving it and also getting it ready for animating. We are making sure he's being made properly so we can eventually have a wide variety of clothing you can find in the game - as well as attachments for him that you'll see on the players - backpacks, weapons, shoes, hats, classes, etc - lots of fun stuff will be done here to fit into the post-apoc theme.

Main Player Animations

This will probably end up being the gating factor that determines when the alpha version is ready to be released. There will be a LOT of animations for us to make once the player model is ready. While we currently can't afford a real mocap solution for the animations, we're going to be looking into alternative methods of making mocaped animations and that should hopefully get us by through at least the alpha release of the game.


A lot of work is being put into the particles in the game and they are constantly being updated and adjusted. The particles include a lot of stuff including: fire effects, smoke, fog, bullet impacts, explosions, footsteps, muzzle flashes, vehicle collsions, dust when items are dropped on the ground, and more.

Replacing all of the stock particle effects was a huge undertaking and now it's just a matter of making them look even better as the game progresses.

Openable Objects

One of our original design goals was to have objects in the game that required players to interact with them to view what's inside. A couple of weeks ago we released a short video of the first of these items we added to the game - a fridge that the player can interact with to open and close the door on it to view inside. In addition to the fridge, we also have more objects that will be openable soon - ovens, cabinets, lockers, and more to come.


A lot of work has also been done in the past few weeks on the vegetation in the game. Almost all of the stock vegetation has now been removed and we have our own trees and grass in the game. The modeler working on the trees has put in a lot of time trying to optimize them so we can have a trees visible on the screen at once (for far view distances), and they are working well so far. As the map becomes more populated, we'll see what needs to be adjusted even more, but you should be able to see a couple of kilometers in the game at least.


The following are several new images of assets for the game. Two new modelers have also joined us recently (David and Peter) and some of their work is included in the list, so welcome them aboard!

Leather Couch


Wooden Structures

Garden Gnome


Filing Cabinet

Garbage Containers


Wooden Crates

Garbage Bin

Small Propane Tank

Wooden Bench



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Ah, yes. That is indeed a fantastic suggestion for this game in specific. I had thought about that, but unfortunately for me I decided not to post it. Thank you for putting that out there.

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"Unlike anything you've ever played before!" *is a game about zombies* :DDD All jokes aside your work looks amazing so far (which is to be expected from someone using cry engine I guess)! Keep it up, this stuff has great potential (and try and make something a bit different from the generic Day Z clone please)!

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Day Z successfully single-handedly ruined free-roam games.

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I wouldn't say that, it was quite a bad game, but it didn't RUIN them as there are still lots of good ones being made, and it did nothing to set a "standard model" for free roam games. It's not like Slender, Slender has, for now indeed ruined the creature, barely anyone thinks he's scary anymore, and he is not intimidating. (Hopefully if Faceless does it right they can make him more than just some faceless guy who stands there, I saw they were giving him animation and tentacles/arms on the back so that's a good start)
Tl;DR free roam games haven't been ruined by DayZ, and hopefully Slenderman can be scary again, I hope :P

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Day Z went **** because of early access thing (well, considering it was a mod). It looks like world wont see the game that DayZ was meant to be at the start. They had to sort out havoc caused by loads of players utilizing what was in core, in arma. Shooting everything that moves and collecting vehicles.
And this looks like the way other devs are going now.

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Haha, that garden gnome looks so funny :D good work on them :P

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Dont take it any way wrong, but i think you should really be careful both with preorder and alpha access. Preorder is a fair development boost, of course... but on this stage, when you kindof experimenting with what you can and what you can not, it may be fatal. People would get it not for what is it now, but for what they think it will become, and that expectation may vary greatly. People kinda paying for their hope. And that could put some pressure on you, and shift the direction you're workin in. Same with alpha access. If your playerbase will be formed on raw gameplay and template mechanics, it may inertiate along the stages and result in a situation where options you give wont be used, the game wont play the way you wanted it in the first place. As it gives additional troubles with people complaining "why would you give an access to this, it is bugged\there is nothing to do".
All of this is my personal opinion, based on my own observations and analysis. I may be kinda sour and grumpy these days, and im aware of that. Yet i may have reasons for this.

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Might I suggest the STEM System? even if it's not perfect, it can take a lot of work from animation. (although the early ones of those aren't even shipping till july) Also check local universities perhaps willing to let people pay to use their equipment?

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