The latest version of the X20+ Mod, this "Plus" version includes textures, txt files for computers and item descriptions, python files, and dialogue files. It's designed to be used with the latest stable VTMB Unofficial Patch (currently 10.6). We do NOT recommend it be used with any other mod, as it may break any mod-specific scripting.

X20 Mod 1.4 Plus
Caine59 - - 55 comments

Is it fine to install the X20 Mod 1.3 Basic version alongside 1.4 Plus?

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VonAether Author
VonAether - - 25 comments

Caine59 Yes! Basic is just textures, so they can't really break anything and can't really have compatibility issues. I thought about re-releasing the same zip file and just increasing the version number, but decided to leave it.

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subzero55 - - 22 comments

Hey, is this updated mod meant to be for the latest unofficial patch? Everytime I try to extract the files and load, I still get the standard logo in the title screen. Is there anything I may not be doing correctly?

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capn_tucker - - 9 comments

Does anyone know if this will work with the 10.7 UP? I know the mod says 10.6, but am hoping it will work, as I really don't want to do another reinstall..

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DeezCeviz - - 6 comments


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