WARNING! We have encountered a major bug in this version. When getting Presence level 3, it appears the passive disciplines no longer work. Also, Auspex must be activated before entering a new map in order to benefit from the Inspection buff. We are looking into releasing a hotfix for both but until that time, feel free to play it but avoid using Presence 3 or higher. We apologize for this oversight.

VtM: The Final Nights 1.4 (Update Only)

I get an Invalid reply from the prince, after i killed the sabbat leader in Downtown after the attack on the prince. He told me i could have the sheriff's job if i keep it up. Then the invalid reply appear. So i don't get quest enemy of my enemy.

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I was just curious if someone could tell me when a 1.4.1 Hotfix for Final Nights Mod was going to be available?

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Zer0morph Author

Child of Malkav released one about a week or two ago but it hasn't been tested by our team. We're hoping some dedicated fans will spend some time playing with it and let us know what problems have been fixed and what are still broken.

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