Version 2: New Version. Now the link between colors and players should better resist extraordinary circumstances (including Shift+Tab twice). The mechanisms have been tweaked so the units don't constantly have an ellipse drawn on them. The ellipse that heavily change shape is only for movements (to show how the unit squeeze and turn around). The rally point properly disappear when set on the structure that produce it. New feature : selected units have their range displayed in a dotted ellipse when performing an attack order carriers, reavers, siege tanks in siege mode and offensive buildings have it as long as they are selected Little hack for fun: Units and buildings recruited/rescued now produce in their own color. The only exceptions are the vespene geyser buildings. Still compatible with normal saved games (can produce interesting visuals effect) Tested on Windows 10 (still need admin privilege and selecting Starcraft.exe manually).

Visible Orders v2
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