Addon for the Revamp Expansion mod by OverRated and Avitus12. This download includes new units, balance, new tech tree, and more. Big thanks to OverRated for answering all my stupid questions and to Burnie222 for allowing me to use his amazing models from his supcom1 mod, Total Mayhem. This download includes RVE v1.1 and the revamp balance mod. Meant to be used with CerusVI's mod manager. See forum-website for more info and installation instructions.

UnitPort Alpha v0.2.1.1

Just loaded this up on my clean install of SupCom2.

Crashes 1v1 Corva Chasm UEFvsAeon five minutes into game around the same time. No action I took set it off as far as I can tell.

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ALBINOsnowball Author

Can you tell me which faction was the AI? Or was this PvP? (In that case, had either of you unlocked and/or used any of my units?)

Thanks for reporting :D

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