This is version 1.0 of Blood: Trauma Therapy. Compatible with Vanilla, NBlood and BuildGDX. For known bugs and installation guide take a look at the readme.txt.

Trauma Therapy
Jono735 - - 20 comments

I'm using Whole Blood Unit version 1.21 and DOSBox for my 64 bit mac mini. In the 2nd level the game will freeze up after awhile. Good effort though.

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BloodyTom Author
BloodyTom - - 24 comments

Sorry, I don't have a mac. So can't replicate the error.

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HenitoKisou - - 21 comments

Amount of carnage, explosions and mayhem is incredible in this one. Huge step in quality between this and OFB. Although there are multiple clipping sprites for boards and displays, it's minor nuisance for such total nuclear experience. For playing in vanilla it might be good idea for other people to increase memory limit in DOSBOX because levels are huge and detailed. By default it gets 63 in OUWB install (Steam, GOG) but here I think at least 100-128 will avoid most of the crashes.

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Guest - - 692,200 comments

I played the whole episode and I didn't find any problem, everything works correctly, I am waiting for new episodes from the same author, congratulations for the work!

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