Edit: Use the D3D11 renderer for this to play correctly. Re-uploaded for those who want to try, for anyone actually wanting to play Thievery make sure you download and play Thievery 1.7.1 and not this. You can try using the linked to UT clean creator batch file, or use the file list as a guide to make a new clean UT if required.

Thievery Tenth Anniversary

File save ;)

What news after the ThieveryUT_Gold ?
Full folder TH 3.28 go

Other maps

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Wait what... what's the difference? :o

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chiefwhosm Author

Okay a little background:
This was created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Thievery (28th June 2012) and was an unofficial release for the community. It's not as polished as it should have been due my ill health at the time.

Thievery Gold was created by a different and new community member, their release only contained portions of Thievery Tenth... and I believe the file was removed from here by the creator after a long discussion on the Thievery forums took place.

An official release, Thievery 1.7 (and now 1.7.1) was released a year or two after these, if you wish to play Thievery then that is the version you should get.

Recently playing TuT with friends I decided to have a game or two in TuT tenth and discovered the download was gone (don't remember removing it but maybe I did). Anyway, since I was asked by someone else if they could try it I put it up on here so that anyone wanting to try it (on D3D 11 renderer or it's somewhat broken) will be able to.

I've updated the description to the changes this made on top of Thievery 1.6.

So, for fun give it a go - play it online with friends if you want, just remember that all the normal game servers aren't running this but instead are running 1.7.1.

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