This is TSOP for Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy. DO NOT run TSOP with other mods. This is meant as a Vanilla Sins Mod Only! So that you can enjoy Diplomacy without worrying about the 2 gig crash issue. It works for the latest version of Diplomacy for Trinity, or the version of Diplomacy bundled with Trinity. Please follow the installation instructions in the readme. Also included are detailed change logs, and GameInfo files left in text format. So that other mod teams can study, and/or incorporate our changes into their mods.

The Sins Optimization Project for Diplomacy

Might be a dumb question but basically what you mean is that this mod can run with v1.00 of Diplomacy from Sins:Trinity. Right? As some people might not understand you post.I plan to eventually download this mod so I can play vanilla Diplomacy (ie. v1.00) without the worry of it crashing.


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TheStressPuppy Author

The mod is for is the latest version of Diplomacy. Which is 1.37. You are correct. I should have specified the version on the download link. Though it is in the readme.

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