DOOM was easier, right? Now Hell came up with the worst nightmare you'll ever experience: starting from imps with shotguns to demons with subverted technology, they will try heart and soul to stop you from achieving your victory, and the worst part of it is that they appear in variations, each followed by different groups of enemies, hopefully your arsenals are upgraded. Even though it is completed there are still some minor bugs in the WAD.

The Randomised Nightmare
SwiftyMagee - - 331 comments

Is a specific ZDoom/GZDoom version necessary to use this mod? I ask because when I try to launch this in the most recent version of GZDoom (4.3.3), I get seven script errors:

"Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 1: Class name RandomSpawner already exists
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 1: RandomSpanwer already has defaults
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 13: Empty function PostSpawn
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 14: Empty function IsMonster
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 15: Empty function BeginPlay
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 16: Empty function PostBeginPlay
Random.wad:ZSCRIPT, line 17: Empty function Tick"

Usually when I get launch errors, something like a source port version difference or another wad conflict is the case, but like I said, I'm using the latest version of GZDoom and I don't have any other user-made wads in my load order other than Random.wad.

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