Enhanced the classes system I designed (details on the readme) and added Body Armor to tangos that visibly use it, and to russians. Pro Tip: Don't use hollow points against tangos that may have armor, no damage is done. Pro Tip 2: SMGs aren't too effective against armor, fire longer burst to counter that Pro Tip 3: The later missions are specially tough due to the enhanced resistance of some tangos. Rifles may be needed.

Terrorist Realism Mod V5

Your last three mods specify "revised armor levels" in a way or another. Are these last 3 mods cumulative or exclusive? I admit to not having D/L'd and read the specific readme files, yet.

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Jose21crisis Author

Exclusive, you don't need TRM V1 to use TRM V5 if that's what you mean. All of the mods alter the tango's weapons to make them less powerful, thus making armor more effective but not to the point where an AK round to the head would mean just injured. The changes I made between versions are mostly skill modification, with the exception of this version, adding armor to the tangos.

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