Beta 4.2 is finally here! As usual we’re late in releasing, but it is not for a lack of effort. Over the past few months we’ve been quite busy working with the multiplayer community ironing out bugs and balancing issues – thanks to Jono, Machine, Boogie, Zangofett, and many others for their continual feedback in this process. Especial mention of our Russian contingent must be recognized though, and none more than Gbopkuh and Norfolk for their input and tons of game recordings despite the disagreements here and there – their contributions were essential in keeping important balance topics on the table.

TA:Escalation Beta 4.2
chulaksaviour - - 234 comments

Thanks guys!

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reeboker - - 85 comments

:thumbs up: on another update :)

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Thaiauxn - - 1,673 comments

I can rest well tonight, knowing nothing I ever do will be as cool as this mod. XD +1 <3

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GeckoHA559 - - 3 comments

Hello there. The AI doesn't function well. All thats needed is for the AI to build the new units (they only build some, mainly resources) and also encourage it to create ships in stages where most of the map is water (two continents)

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GeckoHA559 - - 3 comments

Hey forgot. What happened to the other ally symbols in skrimish mode with stars and moon, can you bring them back? Just wandering

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