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SWAT : Back To LA v1.0


This looks great, but ...

Ok, I downloaded the file. Now what? Exactly what do I do with the contents?

Also, does this "replace" my current EF installation, i.e. is vanilla EF still playable without your mod?

Also, how do I run your mod? I know how to run EF using its included .bat file. Do I just continue to use it?

Maybe this is all obvious and if so I apologize. But a few installation instructions would certainly help for novices like me.

Anyway, thanks for all your work.

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Never mind. I think I have figured it out. Evidently this is installed separately from EF, meaning that you have copied the EF files and added or modified some of them. I hope you have permission to do this.

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EFdee Author

Of course, i've stated in the summary that this is a SEF mod..

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