Patch 1.2 released. Like most of my mods, it encompasses all previous patches. Things fixed: -The Headless Man now accepts his head back -Watchmen have less of a chance of running into the lava canals -Pevlar's Ads no longer resemble other textual works -Repeated temple main quest entries fixed

SSE Patch 1.2


I wanted to know, wether your Mod is compatible to a certain Divinity Replacer: (better Sotha Sil)

And if not, wether you could include/add this mod during your next patches. I'am currently translating your mod into german (for my own use of course, since I wasn't asking). I don't want to do it myself, because I simply won't destroy the surprise. Maybe you could make your mod compatible to "better Sotha Sil"!!

Or do you already have another/own Sotha Sil Replacer(or nif mesh)? In this case I won't use "better Sotha Sil".

Yours faithfully

The guy, who was asking about a high res mod.

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Trainwiz Author

As we've said, this mod doesn't replace Sotha Sil.
However, we do recommend using this mod
Which replaces Sotha Sil's textures with even better textures than the mod you linked, and SSE was made with this mod in mind.
As for the mod being translated into german, you are free to release it. We don't require asking to use or modify the mod in any way, and resources are free to be used by other mods.

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