The second work-in-progress version of my mod. It comes with an installer. Note: you need Steam installed to use this, however you don't need to have bought any games.

Estranged: Act I Alpha #2

I'm not absolutely sure but while setting this file up, I noticed the word 'deleting' IN FRONT OF MY SOURCEMOD file names in the progress window and at first I couldn't stop it, but I ran Task Manager and cut the process. When I looked at my sourcemods directory, about a third of my installed mods were gone!

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AlanEdwardes Author

This download is now obsolete, there's a newer version here:

The issue pointed out by csderr has been fixed too, this installer clears the folder it's pointed at to remove old versions of the mod.

By default it is pointed at "&#xPr;ogramFiles%\Steam\SteamApps\Splooshe", but if you change it to "&#xPr;ogramFiles%\Steam\SteamApps\" it will clear that folder instead and install the files there. Which breaks stuff.

The new installer has been fixed however, you give it the path "&#xPr;ogramFiles%\Steam\SteamApps\" instead, and it will do the rest. No need to specify an end folder.

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