Important Note: For Windows Server only! We are proud to announce that today we are releasing a small server-side only patch for 2.0 addressing some of the issues reported by the community and found by developers and community during intense sessions of 2.0 gameplay. The patch includes the fixed version of bg_assault (see post below) and many other small changes. Only servers owners need to install this patch. Server admins please note a fixed mapcycle.txt using bg_assault_r2 (fixed version) instead of the normal assault is included, be aware of this if you put it on your server. To install, shut down your server, extract the contents of the server patch .zip file and restart your server. The Game version in the Server Browser is changed to 2.0 SP1 indicating a server has been updated.

(Server Side) Battle Grounds 2 2.0 SP1 Patch
izzysinz - - 316 comments

Reduced pistol constant damage range to 8 yards (from 15).

So once again i find that the pistol is useless

as historically accurate as it may be it does not make for good gameplay. Officer i s my favourite class yet its onl;y truly effective on maps like ambush where you dont get shot to **** by enemy fire. It just seems this is making even more hurdles for the officer to jump over

As for the rest of the patch good work yet im not sure how the shot will play now.

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Grantelbart Author
Grantelbart - - 15 comments

The pistol will still deal out deadly chest and stomach shots from close distance, the damage will just degrade slightly earlier. Chest Damage should still be good to about 15-20 yards.

Well, chances are that someone you hit at that distance is not at full health anyway, and 7 yards constant damage range is not a big difference. We will see how this feels in-game however.

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theElfe - - 3 comments

SP1 is good but what about SP2? is that good?

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Grantelbart Author
Grantelbart - - 15 comments

SP2 caused some problems with certain Linux distributions, so we still officially distribute SP1. SP2 only contained a few minor fixes.

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