MOD INFO: Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, POWERTRIP has many substantial changes to the enemy roster. Zombieman - 40 HP Shotgunner - 60 HP Plasma Guy - 60 HP (replaces Spectre) Chaingunner - 80 HP (replaces WolfSS) Flamethrower Guy - 80 HP (replaces Keen) Rocketman - 120 HP (replaces Hell Knight) Psycho Imp - 150 HP (replaces Arachnotron) Blood Demon - 180 HP Toxicacodemon - 400 HP Flame Caco - 600 HP (replaces Pain Elemental) Mini Mastermind - 500 HP (replaces Chaingunner) (Height: 56 / Diameter: 96 / Drops Chaingun) Flying Mastermind - 2000 HP (replaces Spiderdemon) (Height: 100 / Diameter: 200)


Okay, I suck at Doom sometimes but I'm not that bad.

Did you forget a blue key in the first map?
I've spent an hour on Medium and Hard and can't for the life of me find the bugger. Sadness cuz that map is really a good opener.

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DoomKid. Author

Thank you, the blue key is hidden by the waterfall area in a little cave, sorry for my late reply

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