Ever wanted to play fallout 3 with more of a challenge? Well now you can with my new Realistic Weapons Mod which increases all weapons damage and value to a more realistic level. A strongly recommend you put the difficulty to Very Easy or you going to get eaten up by bullets in seconds.

Realistic Weapons Mod Version 1
-Golan- - - 454 comments

Is this compatible to the DLCs?

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Green-Pepper Author
Green-Pepper - - 495 comments

No it's just for Fallout 3.

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minotor1279 - - 219 comments

wait what? we will download this for more challenge, and now you want to make us put it on very easy?
You sir have neither not understood how I roll or you have made the guns too powerful. D:

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FstrAnthony - - 20 comments

ok dont make fun or anything but is this PS3 compatible

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Green-Pepper Author
Green-Pepper - - 495 comments

This mod is only available for the PC version, I do not know if PS3 can run it.

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