OUTDATED! MOD HAS A EASY TO USE INSTALL/UNINSTALL PROGRAM BUT NO LAUNCHER! This is my first mod that I dug out of my archives which I made MANY years ago to learn how to effectively map and mod Zero Hour. The mod was mainly an attempt to make the ZH engine have a more realistic environment with enhanced weapons, explosions, real world armies, and vehicles replacing some of the main faction units. It also combines the Generals and ZH campaigns with new exclusive campaign missions for each side. (14 missions for each side total) The mod adds a lot of new skirmish/multiplayer maps and several new units to all sides and weapon ranges and effects which are more realistic. I have even included blood and physics damage effects. This mod was developed separate from all other mods and any borrowed assets/advice is credited to their respective owners unless otherwise noted. View the included Generals Handbook file that offers more detail on the new features.

[OUTDATED] Realistic Weapon Mod v3.2 (Zero Hour)
sgtmyers88 Author
sgtmyers88 - - 2,832 comments

Download the Map Pack developed with this mod here

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sgtmyers88 Author
sgtmyers88 - - 2,832 comments

Fixed the broken mod link. This file is originally from 2007 so its outdated.

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Radu273 - - 1,497 comments

can you release please only a package with exclusive single player missions? i like to play those!

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abudankmeme - - 100 comments

pls i wish such modern more realistic experience like vanilla but with real units

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minhajghost - - 9 comments

Hello, how do I make this carrier in skirmish?

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