Artillery has now been updated further, granting increased damage per shot at the expense of decreased splash radius and rate of fire. Germany now has access to a 2.8cm Morser via the Prototype Base. It is currently through the placeholder "V2", but I plan to change this once I find the unit names file. Please let me know if you know where I might find it! I have playtested the campaign with success! Enjoy replaying the campaign with a minor boost to the early 57mm antitank gun for fun :) Unit updates: British paras now have recon abilities Aircraft have been modified slightly Russian AA has been buffed and its price reduced Germany now has access to super long-range artillery Field artillery now has a "cool down". It will fire a group of 4-10 shells, then rest for 30-60 seconds depending on its caliber. Infantry now successfully ambushes tanks via forests once again! Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions!

Realistic Ruse 1.2

unit names are here ----V

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lclmopar426 Author

Thanks! I greatly appreciate it!

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