Accurate New Vegas Weapons Patch v1.1h by cc.TNSM -------------------------------------------

Accurate New Vegas Weapons Patch V1.1h (English)
Sn4rk - - 529 comments

Thank you so much for doing this!

Everything seems to work, so far the only problems that I found are:

The machete is using weird low-res glowing texture.

The combat shotgun ammo is now visible in the drum magazine, but while it looks like in the magazine there are plenty of shotgun shells (around 25+) it actually only has 12 that you can use.
I managed to fix this by going to
...Steam\SteamApps\common\Fallout 3 goty\Data\Meshes\weapons\2handrifle
deleting combatshotgun.nif, combatshotgun01.nif and combatshotgundrum.nif
Then opening NV Weapons.esp in the GECK and editing 1stPersonCombatShotgun, right-clicking and selecting edit, clicking edit next to model filepath and setting everything like it is set for the 1stPersonCombatShotgun in vanilla Fallout3.esm and then saving the file.

Some super mutants only use fists, that's because this mod puts the lever-action rifle into some of their inventories, but they don't have animations to use it. I managed to fix this by opening NV Weapons.esp in the GECK and editing Supermutant1WeaponGun where I deleted the DLC04WithAmmoWeapRifle and then saved the file.

When I click on the weapon mods/mod kits I get random text in the upper left corner (that I presume is untranslated, therefore is in cyrillic, but the english version of the game doesn't have support for it) could you please translate that? I know russian slightly so if you don't know it but you can get to the texts then just send them to me, I'll translate them for you.

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