Converted to BinXML for better compatibility. Everything else is same as v3.0. -v3.0.1_ppfixed fixes inability to pause game when using in-game postprocessing with the mod. Credits to BRunzilian for finding & reporting the fix. Tweaks lighting, color, shadow & highlights, HDRI reflections, etc. Eliminates tints & bloom. Designed to work with both postprocessing enabled or disabled. A reshade preset is provided in addition, that works as a replacement for in-game postprocessing.

Race Driver GRID - Natural Pop Graphics Mod 3.0.1 by magician57v

Hey magician57,

I'm reposting after creating a account.

There's a problem inside the file on postprocess\effects.xml that you've modded
There's a typo, making it impossible to unpause the game. Line 193:
<Param name="upperThreshold">0.0/Param>

The line 193 should be corrected to:
<Param name="upperThreshold">0.0</Param>

I was able to fix it at my own and it works after fixing the typo.

Take care!

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magician57v Author

Thank you. Fixed version has been uploaded!

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Your lighting is really good.

I have bugged upscaled gauges on non-english game version. I guess it will work with english version.

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