This is my shotgun mod. You might have noticed I've been going gradually through all the weapons and monsters and giving them the Rabid treatment. I took the shotguns from Brutal Doom 64, including the sparks, smoke effects, etc. and added in a few new things from other mods, so credit for the base for this goes to SgtMarkIV. I also added back the Super Shotgun's original Doom 64 recoil so that you move backward just a little bit when you fire it, and attached dynamic lights to the guns and their impact zones. It includes pickup sounds, weaponup sounds and ricochet sounds from Beautiful Doom/Cosmetic Doom, decal effects from Complex Doom, water splashes from Brutal Doom proper and the zooming function on the regular shotgun from BJD20. Finally, I gave the sprites high res frames via a mod created long ago by Pimpuigi and Hellbound Hillbilly. I just might have outdone myself here--from the shoulders of giants, of course. Press T to "zoom" the shotgun and Y to unzoom.

DQGamer - - 95 comments

hmm there is a bug at least for me. if i zoom in with the shotgun i cant zoom out anymore. it stuck. but nice mod in general though :-)

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GrunchFuggler - - 21 comments

ssg: still has that ssg magic, feels good to use.
shotgun: feels smooth and good to use and has a nifty zoom feature.
now with that out of the way, theres some not so good stuff about this mod
first of all, zooming with the regular shotty forces you to switch weapons to unzoom
secondly, the upscaling method you used makes the wood on both shotty's look like actual vomit, less noticable if you have the normal hud i guess
thirdly, going in water makes you take damage? why?
finally, i think you took more brutal doom 64 source code than you should have due to the horrid ripple effect when in liquid, even if its intentional i just want the shotguns

good mod but you definitely didnt try that hard compared to your other mods
hell i think you tried harder with your rabidmonsters mod, 6/10

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