Rabid's Crap marches on and continues to improve, even though mods like Low Poly Doom seem to make it look like yesterday's upgrade. Hey, but Doom 64 sprites look better than the best Doom 3D models currently available, and now some are available in hi-res, so... This version of Rabid's Crap changes the hires water texture I was using to the Brutal Doom 64 water texture, because it looks cooler. It also borrows splash effects from Brutal and Cosmetic Doom (credit to SgtMarkIV and TheUnbeholden). It also adds weapon smoke from Brutal Doom and puffs from Cosmetic Doom/Complex Doom (by Styd051), bloody walls from BD and makes monsters of the same type infight. If I missed ANYTHING, please let me know!

Rabid's Crap 4.0
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