PVR v1.3 stable versionmajor and minor bugs fixes gun modifications file size reduced (256 mb only) hd textures are a separate file supports dark mode fixed a brighter flashlight to enjoy the game at best set the following settings: for darker mood ultimate doom visor settings gameplay settings light level set the option level light to dark also don't forget to bind keys the way you prefer (there is at least five necessary keys to bind)as well as some extra bloom effects built in the mod inside your options menu you can tweak the gameplay as you prefer also you can add the to fight many extra monsters in the testing map and the hd textures to give a better look what to expect in upcoming versions (if there are)nothing new in upcoming updates except some new vanilla enemies πŸ‘Œand a set of 6 extra playable maps thanks for downloading our mod see you in new mods or updates soon !! mod by MMM group

PVR v1.3 Stable
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