This mod is designed to make the game more difficult and fun if you enjoy a challenge All weapons now have more damage Most non-energy weapons now have lower damage than most energy weapons but also instantly cripple limbs Most energy weapons do more damage than most normal weapons but do almost no limb damage weight and DT of all armor has been tweaked. Armor now weighs the same as the max DT does of that armor New player homes-new home at gun runners (shown in pictures) more player homes will be made from time to time at most towns in the game New weapons such as the 8.25mm smg,308 gauss rifle,gas operated 8.25mm rifle are available at gun runners. Guns that do more damage will be available at higher levels New ammo types 7.62mm and 8.25mm available at gun runners more will be added ability to craft weapons such as the gattling laser,gauss rifle,grenades and more at the workbench more weapons will be added in tim

Project Alpha
freedomfighter2110 - - 1 comments

Hey have you considered putting your weapons in two tales of a wasteland?

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GhostSniper1944 Author
GhostSniper1944 - - 9 comments

If anyone wants to see this mod updated here again just tell me so

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